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I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy Live on Stage Submissions

Category: Equity Audition
Pay: Yes

I Love Lucy Live on Stage will be casting a Chicago company (and perhaps future companies) to be performed at the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place. This musical stage event is a Valentine to the iconic 1950's television show.

Actors should have a familiarity with the source material: "I Love Lucy," it's style and many of its visiting character actors. I Love Lucy Live on Stage is staged and directed by Rick Sparks, and presented by S. Kahn Presents and Millrock Company. I Love Lucy Live on Stage engages Actor's Equity members under a Cat 6 agreement.

LUCY RICARDO Principle. Female. 30's - early 40's. Iconic zany NY Housewife married to a Cuban bandleader longs to be in show business. Fearless and attractive Actor with exceedingly strong comic chops. Physical comedy and dancing required. Huge expressive eyes are a plus.

RICKY RICARDO Principle. Male. 30's-early 40's Tenor. Cuban Bandleader with fiery temper and passion married to beautiful wife with huge ambition and an overactive imagination. Actor must have strong comic chops, good singing voice, great sultry rhythm, and can master Ricky's Cuban accent.

ETHEL MERTZ Principle. Female. 30's-early 50's. Lucy's coconspirator and best friend. Married to Fred. Actor with dry sense of humor and terrific timing. Sings and moves well.

FRED MERTZ Principle. Male. 50's-60's Long suffering husband to Ethel, and landlord of the Ricardo's. Crusty curmudgeon with dry sense of humor. Sings and moves well. Bald or balding.

MAURY JASPER Lead. Male. 40's-50's. Desilu Playhouse Host. This consummate host and 'everyman' must be completely facile with improvisation. He also should have dexterous knowledge of (or at least willing learn) popular American and Entertainment history of the late 1940's and 1950's. His warmth and humor can charm the masses, ...even the most cynical of audiences.

MYRA OAKNER Ensemble. Female. 40's-50's Audience Member who finds herself taking part in the proceedings. Actor must have exceedingly strong improvisational skill and perfect comic timing, also owns an infectious laugh.

ENSEMBLE MAN #1 (Eye Dr./Crystaltone Singer) 30's-40's. Baritone. Actor/Singer with great comic timing and good mimic (of character actor Frank Nelson). Moves very well.

ENSEMBLE MAN #2 (Bill Parker/Crystaltone Singer) 40's-50's. First Tenor. Handsome sophisticated Silver Fox. Sings and Moves well. Good comic timing.

ENSEMBLE MAN #3 (King Kat Walsh/Crystaltone Singer) Late 20's -30's. Second Tenor. Attractive Actor/Singer with comic chops. Terrific Dancer!

ENSEMBLE WOMAN #1 (Dinah Beach/Crystaltone Singer) 30's-40's Soprano. Chameleon actor who sings and dances, with great comic chops. Plays everything from a singing and dancing Dinah Shore'esq to dowdy stage assistant.

ENSEMBLE WOMAN #2 (X Beauty Contestant/Crystlatone Singer) Late 20's-40's. Second Soprano. Character funny gal who sings and moves very well.

ENSEMBLE WOMAN #3 (Makeup Girl/Crystaltone Singer) Late 20's-40's. Second Soprano. Attractive and funny Singer/Actor. Moves very well.

ENSEMBLE WOMAN #4 (Alka Seltzer's Speedy/Dorothy Day spokesperson) 40-50's. Alto. Funny Chameleon character actor. Plays everything from down-home audience member, elegant commercial spokeswoman, to very old lady. Sings and moves well. Tap helpful but not prerequisite. Diminutive stature also helpful, but not prerequisite.

Time Commitment:
Previews to commence September 12th, 2012. Official Opening at 8pm September 19th, 2012, and running through November 11, 2012. There is possible extension.

Material To Prepare:
If invited, 32 bars of standard top 40 repertoire from late 40s or early 50s is required.

Contact Info:
Submissions Only. Auditions will take place the week of June 18, 2012. Equity Open Call is June 18th, 2012. Auditions are by appointment only. Walk-ins will be put on a list and seen if time allows.

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Posted Date: May 30, 2012