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Doctor Faustus

Pay: Stipend


Nonsense Productions is seeking actors to cast their upcoming production of The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe. Auditions are being accepted virtually until Friday, 7/19. Callbacks will take place in-person on Wednesday, 7/24 at Great Works Rehearsal space.

Synopsis: Doctor Faustus is a bored academic seeking further knowledge and begins down the path of studying the dark arts. While attempting to conjure the devil, Doctor Faustus summons the demon Mephistophilis instead. Mephistophilis then offers Doctor Faustus the bargain of a lifetime. 24 years of the demon's service, a life of doing whatever Faustus wants. The bargain is in exchange for Faustus' soul, which will go to the devil. As we explore the origins of the Faustian bargain, we ask the questions: What are the lines that truly cross good and evil? What is a lifetime of selfish living truly worth? The pitfalls of power are examined on multiple levels in this surprisingly funny tale of dark ambition.

Pay: $50 stipend


Doctor Faustus, 20's - 30's, a doctor of medicine and philosophy who makes a deal with the devil for mystical power. Intelligent yet hubristic and ambitious.

Mephistophilis, 30's +, a demon working in servitude to Faustus. Cunning and evil, yet must be able to charm Faustus into their bargain.

Robin, 20's - 30's, a stablehand who attempts magic and pays the consequences.
Doubles with Good Angel.

Dick, 20's - 30's, a stablehand who attempts magic and pays the consequences.
Doubles with Bad Angel.

Beelzebub/Ensemble, 20's +, a demon who embodies the 7 Deadly Sins. Movement heavy role.
Multiple roles.

Lucifer/Ensemble, late 30's +, a fallen angel and ruler of Hell, exchanges power for Faustus' soul. Multiple roles.

Benvolio/Ensemble, 20's - 30's, an arrogant knight who attempts to publicly expose Faustus.
Multiple roles.

Horse-Courser/Ensemble, 30's +, a horse seller who gets tricked by Faustus and seeks revenge.
Multiple roles.

Wagner/Ensemble, 30's+, a servant to Faustus trying to find their own way towards greatness but becomes concerned with Faustus's path. Also plays the Old Man - who conveys a final, concerned warning to Faustus to repent.
Multiple roles.

Important Notes on Casting:

Actors of every race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, and body type are encouraged to audition for any and all roles for this production. Age ranges are labeled for roles individually.

Please do not worry too much about finding a plain backdrop or getting a perfect slate. We would rather see your imperfect self-tape than not get to see you at all. Focus on the performance of whatever you decide to submit.

Time Commitment:

Callbacks will take place on Wednesday, July 24th starting between 6:00p and 9:00p depending on called roles. Performers must be available this date to be considered for a role.

Rehearsals will take place on most weekdays Monday-Thursday from 9/30 to opening night. Availability on all weeknights from Monday 10/28 through Wednesday 11/5 is required. There will not be rehearsal on Thursday, 10/31.

Performances are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 11/7 to 11/23 with a tech rehearsal on Sunday, 11/3. All performances will take place at the Cornservatory.

Material To Prepare:

Audition sides

Contact Info:

Prepare a self-tape of a monologue or performance piece, preferably in the style of the show, or read one monologues from the show provided below. This does not have to be memorized for the self-tape. Submit the self-tape, a headshot, and resume to this Google form.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email production manager Kyle David Perry (they/he) at

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