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Pilot Island & Her Keepers

Pay: Stipend


Deep in the heart of the Great Lakes, where Lake Michigan waters intersect with Green Bay, a lighthouse stands watch over the narrow, treacherous passage known to those in her reach as Porte des Morts, or Death's Door. Hailed as a haven by some and posed as a prison by others, Pilot Island hosts a number of faithful and reluctant keepers alike. As the only checkpoint standing between a ship's safe passage and an unknown alternative, the island and its light play a vital role in the lives of both the passersby beholden to its reaches, and its inhabitants-saviors to those whose brush with death is close and indelible.

Where once carefully crafted routines guided by human hands give way to automated processes, there lives an impression. Each soul Pilot Island hosts treads a deeper footpath and leaves behind a new story to haunt her shores-a young pair of immigrants with no lighthouse keeping experience and the mercurial second assistant burrowing under their skins; a beloved pet becoming an unlikely martyr; a Keeper who saved enough lives to create a legacy, and more.

In a kaleidoscope of new, imaginative storytelling colliding with factual records of life on Pilot Island between the 1880s-1910s, Pilot Island & Her Keepers holds a beveled pane of glass over the meeting of fact & fiction-where memory passes down to legacy, and history transforms into lore.

Character Breakdown:
The Impostors Theatre Company desires to work with all kinds of artists. We encourage people of all backgrounds, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities, disabilities, and religions to submit for consideration.

1st PLAYER (25-40, femme, race non-specific)
Christine Davidson - First Assistant to her husband; eager to claim the title and fulfill a new role
AKW - Assistant Keeper's Wife; teaches the art of lighthouse keeping to young'ns
Theresa - Figurehead of the Knudsen family, pets and all
Voice 3

2nd PLAYER 2 (25-40, masc, race non-specific)
Emmanuel Davidson - Husband to Christine; new to lighthouse keeping and America; a dreamer who adheres to order and rules
Son - Dutiful and wary, protective of his sister
Knudsen Brother/Child
Reporter 2

3rd PLAYER (25-40, masc, race non-specific)
Victor Rohn - A jaded and wry Keeper passing the torch to a new hire
Garey - Keeper and Father, strict and aloof
Nellie the Cow - The unlikely martyr
Gottfried Hansen - A companion in the worst circumstance
Voice 2

4th PLAYER (25-40, femme, race non-specific)
Janette - Haunted and resigned; Rohn's wife and Assistant
Mary Louise - Someone beloved caught in two places at once
Man in a Boat
Friend 2

5th PLAYER (25-40, masc, race non-specific)
Pederson - Tied to Pilot Island, but doesn't know why or how; searching
Martin Knudsen - A Keeper decorated and celebrated for his efforts in improving Pilot Island processes and saving numerous lives in shipwrecks
Frank Drew - A Keeper desperately trying to salvage what is being lost

6th PLAYER (20-35, femme, race non-specific)
Gale - Tied to Pilot Island, but doesn't know why or how; lost
Daughter - Tends to the chores on Pilot Island while Garey and Son Keep the Light. Uneasy and restless
Knudsen Brother/Child
Reporter 1

7th PLAYER (25-35, masc, race non-specific)
John Boyce - Second Assistant to the Davidsons; mercurial and prone to strange moods; frightens his companions with his fixation on spirits and elements
Captain Clow - The captain of a ship in strife
Man in a Boat
Friend 1
Voice 1

Auditions will be done by video submission. Please record a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue. Additionally, please record around 32 bars (about 1 minute) of a folk or acoustic song. Performers are encouraged to accompany themselves with an instrument. If you are not accompanying yourself, please sing your song a capella or with a track. There are non-singing roles in Pilot Island & Her Keepers- however we would still like to see your vocal ability.

All submissions are due by 5pm on Friday, July 19. Please submit your headshot, resume, and video submission to with the subject "PILOT ISLAND (YOUR NAME)." Additionally, please fill out the attached audition form found HERE (or at the link at the bottom of this posting) and send along as a PDF with your required material.

*Callbacks: Monday, July 22, 5PM-10PM (Callbacks will be split into groups. Details are provided on the attached audition form) Callbacks will be held in-person. You must be able to attend part of one callback slot on Monday, July 22 in order to be considered for casting. If given a callback, you will receive an email by 7pm (C.S.T.) on Saturday, July 20th.

Pay: $200.00 stipend

Time Commitment:

Rehearsals: September 16, 2024 - October 25, 2024 (Mon-Fri evenings)
Tech: October 29-November 7, 2024 (Details provided audition form. Must be available)
Performances: November 8-November 23, 2024 (Pick-up on Wed, Performance Thurs-Sun)

Rehearsals will be held at:
The Edge Theater, 5451 North Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640

Tech & Performances will be held at:
The Den Theatre, 1331 North Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Contact Info:

Please prepare a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue, 32 bars (about 1 minute) of your chosen song, and fill out the attached audition form in its entirety. Please send your submission along with all other required information to with the subject line "PILOT ISLAND (LAST NAME)."

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