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  Artist Descending A Staircase Reviews
Artist Descending A Staircase
Artist Descending A Staircase

Artist Descending A Staircase
Remy Bumppo at Online Stream
Thru - Apr 18, 2021

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Remy Bumppo at Online Stream

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Around The Town Chicago- Recommended

"...During this "Covid 10" thing, the theater companies have worked at becoming more creative. Remy Bumpo , Think Theatre , is one that has gone that extra mile. They have gone to their library shelf, taken the work of Tom Stoppard, and his "Artists Descending A Staircase" and found a way to make it happen. This was written as a radio play in Stoppard's early days It is a story filled with wit, romance, modern art and some mystery. Please understand that you will view this production , not with your eyes, but with your ears. You will hear the voices of the characters and the sounds that they want you to hear as produced by the Foley ( in this case, the sound engineer and audio producer, Christopher Kriz)."
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Alan Bresloff