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  Angina Pectoris at Theater Wit

Angina Pectoris

Theater Wit
1229 W Belmont Ave Chicago

Angina Pectoris tells the fictitious story of an Israeli minister, Dan Yasour who placates the religious right and gets a seemingly
innocuous bill passed so Israeli Jews only receive organ transplants from Jewish donors. Absurdly when the politician himself needs a heart transplant, the only heart available is from a Palestinian Arab. Angina Pectoris is a biting political satire from one of Israel's hottest playwrights that posits the ridiculous. But the humorous situations uncover deeper issues about identity in Israel and today's world pertaining to culture, religion, and politics in a broader and multicultural context.

Presented by ShPIeL

Thru - Jan 3, 2016

Price: $28

Show Type: Drama

Box Office: 773-975-8150

Running Time: 1hr, 35mins

  Angina Pectoris Reviews
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Chicago Tribune - Not Recommended

"...I appreciate that the surely sincere Aharoni is trying to promote reconciliation between the Israeli political factions, to point out that we all are one when mortality rears its head. And let's stipulate there is no reason the satirist's scalpel cannot be applied to, say, the Palestinian question or the collision of religiosity and liberalism. Israel is a democracy: There is all manner of dissent and complexity in its theaters, and Aharoni is free to poke fun at anything or anyone she wishes, including, as she does here, bombings, settlements, death and the practices of Orthodox Jews."
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Chris Jones

Chicago Reader - Somewhat Recommended

"...Israeli playwright Michal Aharoni's 90-minute political satire has more promise than payoff thanks to scattershot plotting, underdeveloped characters, and ever-shifting rules of engagement. Director David Y. Chack's stilted production for Shpiel Performing Identity demonstrates few moments of successful comic timing."
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Justin Hayford

Stage and Cinema - Not Recommended

"...Forced and frantic performances, marred by mugging and melodrama, do the dialogue no favors. Following this Chicago premiere, Angina Pectoris (originally written in Hebrew) will be performed in Tel Aviv. Perhaps something like wit or charm will be restored in translation."
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Lawrence Bommer

The Fourth Walsh - Not Recommended

"...Director David Y. Chack adds to the tedium by pacing this comedy slow. The characters end each scene by freezing the action followed by lights out. The choice makes the transitions clunky. Any potential comedic momentum is lost as the actor looks to be ineffectively mugging to the audience. And these mini blackouts happen for every scene! Halfway through the show, I start hoping the next blackout is the last."
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Katy Walsh

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