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  A Taste Of Things To Come at Broadway Playhouse

A Taste Of Things To Come

Broadway Playhouse
175 East Chestnut Street Chicago

It’s the 1950’s in Winnetka, IL. Every Wednesday best friends Joan, Connie, Dottie, & Agnes enter a Betty Crocker cooking contest, dreaming how the prizes might change their mundane lives. On this particular Wednesday, Joan replaces the cookbook with the Kinsey Report on female sexuality and life begins to get very interesting! In A TASTE OF THINGS TO COME, a slice-of-life original musical comedy, we watch as this cooking club becomes a turning point in their lives.

Thru - Apr 29, 2018

Price: $30-$70

Show Type: Musical

Box Office: 800-775-2000

Running Time: 2hrs, 15mins; one intermission

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  A Taste Of Things To Come Reviews
  • Highly Recommended
  • Recommended
  • Somewhat Recommended
  • Not Recommended

Chicago Tribune - Somewhat Recommended

"...If you like the music of these two eras, you’ll enjoy the totally original score (no jukebox stuff here), penned by Debra Barsha and Hollye Levin, especially in Act 2, when it clings more closely to the material and better connects emotionally. You’ll have some mild laughs throughout. And when I say the cast — the women are Libby Servais, Marissa Rosen, Cortney Wolfson and Linedy Genao — is strong, that is not at all faint praise. They’re really great, all four of them, and they work like crazy to fire up the room."
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Chris Jones

Chicago Sun Times - Somewhat Recommended

"...Directed and choreographed by Lorin Latarro, the pace in the first act is a bit slow (by comparison, the second act seems to speed to a conclusion.) Kara Kesselring's music direction (she also plays keyboards and conducts the all-woman band) highlights tight, four-part harmony that is blended particularly well. Each of the characters is given their moment to shine, of course, but it is the ensemble vocal work that is the strongest."
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Misha Davenport

Daily Herald - Somewhat Recommended

"...The Winnetka-set musical about four friends prepping for a cooking contest is pleasant enough, with an energetic cast that enjoys a convincing chemistry. But "A Taste of Things to Come" feels about as genuine as the women's Cheez Whiz-topped crackers -- and as light as the canned whipped cream they seem to love."
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Lisa Friedman Miner

Around The Town Chicago - Recommended

"...As we walked out of Broadway Playhouse after seeing "A Taste of Things to Come", my friend Helen said she'd bet that that every woman in the audience loved the musical, and that the men probably thought it was just OK. Judging by the cheers at the curtain call, I'd have to agree with her. I thought it had a dynamite cast, a well-written original score, but not much of a story."
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Carol Moore

Chicago Theatre Review - Recommended

"...This new musical is slim on story but big on entertainment value. It succeeds through it’s fine score, creative talent and unending energy. With a terrific, topnotch cast, directed by a gifted director and choreographer and backed by musical director Kara Kesselring’s four-member, female onstage band, this is one more example of supreme, unstoppable girl power."
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Colin Douglas

Chicagoland Theater Reviews - Recommended

"...“A Taste of Things to Come” doesn’t carry the weight of a major statement about women’s liberation in the 21st century but I don’t think it tries to resolve issues that have remained unresolved for half a century. The show gathers a group of high quality talents who have the ability to amuse and even slip in a pungent slice of social criticism (“Just a Mom”). Rather than be criticized as simplistic or obvious, it should be recognized for providing a first rate array of stage and behind the scenes talent. It doesn’t reach high enough to merit four stars but it earns its three stars very honorably."
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Dan Zeff

Chicago Theater and Arts - Highly Recommended

"...'A Taste of Things to Come,' directed and choreographed by Lorin Latarro, is a fantastic musical comedy that pays tribute to generations of females who paved the way for the important lives that many women currently embrace, along with the adventuresome and creative journeys that other women are pursuing."
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Jodie Jacobs

Chicago On Stage - Recommended

"...These ideologically conflicting decades provide the inspiration for the new musical A Taste of Things to Come, now in its Chicago premiere at the Broadway Playhouse. The first act of the show epitomizes the 1950s. It is centered around a group of three housewives and their shamefully unmarried 23-year-old friend during one of their weekly Wednesday attempts to win a Betty Crocker Cooking challenge. Very little cooking occurs. Instead, the women gossip and gaggle as they share notes on keeping a happy man (the key to his heart is his stomach), child rearing (the doctor says a cigarette keeps the pregnant woman's stress at bay), and life. The first act is an hour of laughing at these housewives' silly but clearly prevalent misconceptions of the world around them. But tensions rise, a fight breaks out, and this Wednesday hen club is no more."
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Karen Topham

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