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  32nd Young Playwrights Festival Reviews
32nd Young Playwrights Festival
32nd Young Playwrights Festival

32nd Young Playwrights Festival
Pegasus Theatre at Chicago Dramatists
Thru - Jan 27, 2019

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Pegasus Theatre at Chicago Dramatists

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Chicago Tribune- Recommended

"...Directed by Pegasus executive producing director Ilesa Duncan (who is also now the new artistic director for Lifeline Theatre), MacWilliams' play uses a revolving ensemble of supporting players in multiple roles as patrons of the coffeeshop - from millennial hipsters Instagramming their drinks to a tattoo artist (Grace Bolander) who encourages Violeta to start performing her own writing at open mics. Bell plays Luz, a longtime employee of the shop who reminds the siblings of why their parents started it in the first place - to provide a joyous place of community."
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Kerry Reid

Chicago Reader- Somewhat Recommended

"...It's probably unfair to expect writers who haven't lived very long to present insightful narratives. It takes many years to shed the influence of books, TV shows, movies, and other media, which can't help but inform and often overwhelm a young person's early creative efforts. Watching these plays, I wasn't discouraged by what they portend for the future of Chicago theater. There was little cynicism or rote jokeyness presented-just a lack of specificity, which can only be attained with time and experience."
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Dmitry Samarov

WTTW- Recommended

"...Congratulations are in order to all the participating young playwrights (The festivalís yearlong, three-round competition involved the vetting of 500 scripts.), and to the many classroom teachers who guided their students including Julie Allen, Nina Williams and Elizabeth Danesh, who helped mentor the three winners."
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Hedy Weiss