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Dawn, Quixote
Dawn, Quixote

Dawn, Quixote
The Building Stage
Thru - Apr 27, 2013

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Show Information

The Building Stage

Chicago Tribune- Highly Recommended

"..."Dawn, Quixote," conceived and directed by Montgomery and developed, as usual, with the six-member ensemble (Gabriel Franken, Michael Hamilton, Chelsea Keenan, Kate Suffern, Anne Walaszek and Nathan Wonder), follows a similar blueprint to most of the other Building Stage shows I've seen over the years. Cervantes' senescent man-who-would-be-knight is portrayed at various points by all the cast members, who take the stage sporting black doublets and breeches and gray wigs and whiskers."
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Kerry Reid

Chicago Sun Times- Highly Recommended

"...All the expected moments unfold - the mistaken love for Dulcinea, the tilting at windmills thought to be giants, the countless rebukes and injuries, the loyal service of Sancho Panza, the final moments when madness and fantasy cede to reality and death. It is inspired, smart and touching, but it is zaniness that rules."
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Hedy Weiss

NewCity Chicago- Recommended

"...During so many moments of "Dawn, Quixote," gazing upon Jared Moore's characteristically picturesque lighting and Montgomery's tall, thrift-store set (really, you can buy just about everything onstage), you grieve for all this lost creativity. But this story departs from Cervantes in a big way. Though Quixote does die as in the book, these Quixotes remain onstage to sing and play their ukeleles to Chris Ledoux's "Cowboys Ain't Easy To Love" as a final open-ended gesture. "Somewhere tonight in the rain and the wind/ I'll be searching for something and dreaming again/ Chasin' a rainbow that has no end/ Cowboys ain't easy to love." As touching and hopeful last words as there ever were."
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Johnny Oleksinski

Centerstage- Recommended

"...Despite Don Quixote's inevitable defeat, "Dawn Quixote" provides a more optimistic message than Cervantes' original text. It stresses the importance of overcoming failure and challenges the perception of the word 'failure' in general. It's quite easy to recognize the parallels being intimated between the journey of Don Quixote and that of The Building Stage, the adventures and the perseverance in the name of love, art and perhaps a bit of folly. Overall, "Dawn, Quixote" is as intimate, inspiring and insane as The Building Stage itself, making it an unfortunate, yet fitting, farewell."

Kristin Walters

ChicagoCritic- Highly Recommended

"...Thus with an eclectic display of props and relics from The Building Stage's past shows stacked high on shelves, price tags cheekily displayed (yes, they are available for purchase), Dawn, Quixote fittingly gestures towards its theater's own imminent closure. And absolving itself of the obligation to make final declarative gestures or to resolve arbitrarily in some contrived catharsis, Dawn, Quixote-true to the spirit of comedy-prefers instead to go on forever. The daily struggles of our quotidian failures and disappointments may not be redeemable by any high-minded sense of nobility or even importance. But as our six Don Quixotes so astutely remind us, at least we'll be together. And at least it'll be fun. Indeed."
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Anthony J. Mangini

Chicago Now- Highly Recommended

"...This show is smart and potentially hilarious. Unfortunately, it's hard to laugh at it. In reverence to the great work produced by The Building Stage, I feel chuckling at the misfortunes of an idealist rude. Surrounded by the ghosts of productions' past, DAWN, QUIXOTE is like going to an Irish wake sober. Despite the playful nature of this high-energy showcase, I'm haunted by the finality of it all."
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Katy Walsh