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The Wiz  
Emerald City Theatre Company at Apollo Theater The Wiz
Your family will "Ease on Down the Road" with the music you know and love in this adaptation of The Wiz, based on the classic tale The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum and popularized by the 1978 film of the same name. Culminating Emerald City Theatre's 20th Season, fans of all ages will follow Dorothy's exploration of love, home, and family through a magical musical mixture of rock, gospel, and soul in a fantastical Chicago setting. "Living here in this brand new world might be a fantasy, but it taught me to love, so it's real - real to me!"
Wounds to the Face  
Runcible Theatre Company at Royal George Theatre Wounds to the Face
In a series of comic and tragic vignettes, Wounds to the Face examines the many faces we present to each other, the pain and humor we experience in finding these features, and the choices we make to change, obliterate, switch or simply accept these facets. With powerful poetic language and flexible use of time and space, Barker avoids simplistic stereotypes to create a work which reaches far beyond the standard notions of disfigurement, human beauty and public image to explore the elusive quality we call identity.

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