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Who Is Gabby Grayskull  
The Public House Theatre Who Is Gabby Grayskull
The mysterious Gabby Grayskull has turned the High Art world on its head with her provocative, Banksy-esque work, but the sudden auction of her art spurs an investigation into her private life? Who is she? Where did she come from? Is she just one person? Does she even exist?
Woz: A Rock Cabaret  
Victory Gardens Theater - Biograph Woz: A Rock Cabaret
We all loved The Wizard of Oz as kids. Some of us were obsessed with dreams of rainbow icons, others the talking animals and fantastical friends. And so it is for seven adult children who refused to grow up and quit playing make believe. Join these Ozians in their musical sandbox as they travel the yellow brick road with the help of their favorite power ballads and rock anthems for the 80’s, 90’s and today. It’s like your favorite mix radio station but better…because it has witches and munchkins.

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