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New Country  
Fair Trade Productions at The Den Theatre New Country
In NEW COUNTRY, good-ole bad boy and country music star Justin Spears has the world on its knees. Tomorrow he's tying the knot, but tonight, he's tying one on with his entourage of ruthless managers, faux fans and friends, and his favorite pig-farming uncle. So how does this rambunctious rodeo go so wrong, so fast? Welcome to the NEW COUNTRY, where the hits just keep on comin,' and the raucous fun quickly turns to men behaving badly and gun totin' chickens coming home to roost. The New York Times described NEW COUNTRY as having "plenty of raunch, but just enough heart."
A Number  
Runcible Theatre Company at Royal George Theatre A Number
A father's quest to re-create the most pure and perfect child catapults his most beloved creation into the path of destruction. Caryl Churchill's A Number sheds light on the grey area between identity and belonging. Exploring the more jagged edges in a father/son relationship, A Number pushes these dynamics to the fore as the miracle of modern science, cloning, makes matters exponentially more complicated and explosive.
Once in a Lifetime  
Strawdog Theatre Once in a Lifetime
From the legendary 1930s writing duo George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart (The Man Who Came to Dinner, You Can't Take It With You) comes the hilarious backstage comedy Once in a Lifetime. As silent films evolve into "talkies" in the 1920s, a trio of vaudevillians sets out to con the Hollywood elite by posing as vocal coaches, vowing to give movie stars beautiful voices to match their glamorous mugs. Damon Kiely, the acclaimed director of American Blues Theater's Hank Williams: Lost Highway, helms this epic satire of greed run amok at Chicago's Strawdog Theatre.
Othello: The Remix  
Chicago Shakespeare Theater Othello: The Remix
Throw your hands up, Chicago-this this fresh urban take on the Bard's tragedy is back! Following acclaimed international tours and previous sold-out engagements in Chicago, the CST-commissioned hip-hop adaptation is spun out and lyrically rewritten over original beats. Since its world premiere as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad at Shakespeare's Globe-an artistic collaboration forged between Chicago hip-hop artists The Q Brothers and Chicago Shakespeare Creative Producer Rick Boynton-the production has toured widely, captivating audiences around the world, and garnering tremendous acclaim and multiple honors-including Edinburgh's Musical Theatre Matters Awards for Best New Musical Theatre Show and a Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Ensemble.
Paper City Phoenix  
Tympanic Theatre Company at Profiles Theatre - The Alley Stage Paper City Phoenix
Finding your soul mate is tricky in the digital age, especially when your printer is out of toner and your friend who is trying to help you can't stop channeling the internet. So it goes for Brenna, the protagonist of the new comedy Paper City Phoenix making its Midwest premiere at the Alley Stage. Before all is said and done, the two intrepid ladies will face off with an anti-tech cult, the FBI and plenty more in an insightful production by Tympanic Theatre Company that explores how we connect when we're disconnected.
Penelope Pennyworth Girl Detective: The Case of the Boogeyman  
Li'l Buds Theatre Company at Edge Theatre Penelope Pennyworth Girl Detective: The Case of the Boogeyman
Penelope is a 10-year-old girl detective solving crimes big and small with her best friend and sidekick Matilda. In Penelope Pennyworth Girl Detective: The Case of the Boogeyman, the pint-sized sleuth and Matilda must help their friend Michael overcome his fears in order to defeat a bothersome ghoul. This fun musical from Li'l Buds Theatre Company co-founder Jenny Lamb shows the strength that kids can find within when they need to overcome obstacles. Your entire family can join in the case-cracking, spirit-lifting fun at Chicago's Edge Theater.
Peter Pan and Wendy  
Theatre School at DePaul University at Merle Reskin Theatre Peter Pan and Wendy
Peter Pan is back, but this time it's Wendy who won't grow up. In this swashbuckling musical, the famous duo grabs a little pixie dust and heads off to Neverland so Wendy can avoid moving out of her childhood room for just a little bit longer. That's where they face the famed and funny pirate Captain Hook with help from Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, Tiger Lily, mermaids and even the audience. In the end though, Wendy has to decide whether growing up is really so bad after all. Recommended for all ages, this production comes to vibrant life on stage at the Merle Reskin Theatre in Chicago's South Loop.
The Power Of Prom  
Annoyance Theatre The Power Of Prom
Written as a loving tribute to the 80's, the show combines elements of the songs, movies, television shows, and pop-culture that epitomized the decade.
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie  
Skokie Theatre The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Miss Jean Brodie isn't your regular teacher in 1930's Scotland -- she's in the business of putting old heads on young shoulders, and all of her pupils are the creme de la creme. She's an eccentric soul in a very conservative school, with her colorful clothes and unconventional lesson plans setting her apart from the rest of the faculty. But as Miss Brodie gets wrapped up in her own life drama (after all, she is in her prime), she begins to lose sight of her girls. Inspired by the book by Muriel Spark, The Prime of Miss Brodie is a whip-smart coming-of-age drama. Starring Megan Wells as Miss Brodie (The Great Gatsby, Dracula) MadKap Productions brings the exhilarating tale to life on Skokie Theatre's stage.
The Producers  
Mercury Theater The Producers
A down-on-his-luck Broadway producer and his mild-mannered accountant come up with a scheme to produce the most notorious flop in history thereby bilking their backers (all "little old ladies") out of millions of dollars. Only one thing goes awry: the show is a smash hit! At the core of the insanely funny adventure is the surprising journey of two very different men who become friends. The Producers skewer Broadway traditions and takes no prisoners as it proudly proclaims itself an "equal opportunity offender!"
Rogue Theater at RBP Rorschack Pygmalion
Revisit Shaw's comedic masterpiece Pygmalion as Professor Henry Higgins transforms the unpolished Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle into a lady. Shaw skewers the class system of its day and provides poignant commentary on the role of women in British society. Pygmalion both delighted and shocked audiences when it premiered in 1914.
The Realization of Emily Linder  
Redtwist Theatre The Realization of Emily Linder
Emily Linder, a 70-ish widow, says she's had a premonition about her own death, which will come very soon. To prepare all the details, she quickly gathers her two grown daughters who, in turn, bring a caregiver to help with Emily's final days. The caregiver, a savvy outsider who can see this quirky family from an objective viewpoint, gets to the bottom of Emily's peculiar plan, and challenges her to take charge of reality, which can sometimes be more elusive than expected.
The Realm  
The Other Theatre Company at The Side Project The Realm
In an underground future not so far from now, teenagers Kansas and James try to escape a terrifying (new?) world order. The regime known as The Realm controls not only water and other natural resources but also the ability of its citizens to remember words themselves. As Kansas and James fight for the right to speak, choose, and desire, their journey overlaps with that of a mysterious woman who refuses to submit to The Realm despite the high price she pays for her resistance. Sarah Myers' The Realm stages urgent questions about the relationship between language, power, solidarity, and survival.
A Red Line Runs Through It  
Second City A Red Line Runs Through It
A Red Line Runs Through It rides the rails of Chicago in order to answer life's tough questions. How does the past sculpt the future? Are we all guided by anger? In this ever-changing landscape of nostalgia and uncertainty sometimes we need a brunch with friends to sort it all out. Who will snap first? No one knows what tomorrow will bring and the only thing that is certain is that this train keeps moving. This diverse cast of comedians will take you on their own ride exploring the new mother blues, black girl magic, and salacious local news. This non-stop locomotive launches from north to south along a transit line of pure comic bliss.
Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre at No Exit Cafe Rent
The rock-infused score by Jonathan Larson will be performed in the intimate No Exit Cafe; a venue with more than a slight resemblance to the Life Cafe, the musical's setting for its first act finale. Scott Weinstein, director of Griffin's Titanic, and Seussical the Musical at Chicago Shakespeare will direct. Daniel Spagnuolo, choreographer of Kokandy Productions' The Full Monty will choreograph. Ramey will be music director.
Schoolhouse Rock Live!  
Emerald City Theatre Company at Apollo Theater Schoolhouse Rock Live!
Through unforgettable songs such as "Just a Bill" and "Conjunction Junction," a nervous schoolteacher must discover how to charm his students through imagination and music on the first day of class. Based on the entertaining and educational Emmy Award-winning animated series, Schoolhouse Rock Live! brings the treasured Saturday-morning melodies of the '70s back in a hip new way.
A Red Orchid Theatre Sender
It's summertime in Chicago. Over a year after his sensational death, a young man returns to his former apartment: alive, well, and with a new found ambition to fix what went wrong. A miracle reunion turns into a catastrophic disaster as the past catches up with the present and old debts return, expecting payment in full. What does growing-up mean and is it even desired in this day and age?

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