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Never the Bridesmaid  
Oil Lamp Theater Never the Bridesmaid
Twins Maria and Anthony have never had luck with love. She's been widowed once and divorced twice; he was dumped by his fiancee four years ago and hasn't dated since. Both are full of advice for one another but floundering on their own as they prepare for the 40th anniversary of their parents' perfect marriage. Might they finally find love in the seemingly willing partners that surround them? Never the Bridesmaid follows along as they attempt to find the answer. The play had its Jeff Award-winning debut in Chicago two years ago, and now it's coming to Glenview's Oil Lamp Theater.
On Your Feet  
Ford Oriental Theatre On Your Feet
ON YOUR FEET! is the story of two people who-through an unwavering dedication to one another and their pursuit of the American dream-showcased their talent, their music and their heritage to the world in a remarkable rise to global superstardom. Set to Gloria's chart-topping, smash hits such as "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You, "1-2-3," "Mi Tierra," and "Conga," in addition to new music penned by the Estefans, the show will bring a new sound to Broadway and get audiences on their feet.
One Thousand Words  
The Den Theatre One Thousand Words
Richard Hanks knows that writing a thousand words about two men who were in love in the 1940s will help promote himself at the Forward Magazine, but what he doesn't realize is how much hearing the story of the men will change his perspective on equality. The audience follows Richard's journey, and in doing so, gets a glimpse at a love story that must struggle against a quickly changing, unacceptable culture.
Our New Girl  
Profiles Theatre - The Main Stage Our New Girl
Our New Girl is a startling psychological drama about the darker side of modern parenthood. Behind the shiny door of Hazel Robinson's immaculate London home, things aren't as good as they look. Her plastic surgeon husband, Richard, has embarked on his latest charitable mission to Haiti, leaving the heavily pregnant Hazel to cope with a failing business and a problem son. When a professional nanny arrives unannounced on her doorstep, Hazel finds her home under the shadow of a seemingly perfect stranger, and one who has an agenda of her own.
Panic on Cloud 9  
Second City Panic on Cloud 9
Join the incredibly talented and funny cast of The Second City Mainstage for Panic on Cloud 9, a hilarious and smart collection of original scenes and songs that invite you to relax, take a breath and laugh as they brave everything from Ebola to modern parenting to the lies of advertising and the advertising of our own lies.
Marriott Theatre In Lincolnshire Pinocchio
Pinocchio is the story of a wooden puppet (Andrew Spatafora) that is magically given the gift of animation by the wish of a wood carver, Geppetto (Jarrod Zimmerman), and the wand of the loving Blue Fairy (Dara Cameron). Coaxed along his fantastic journey by his friend Hopper (George Keating), Pinocchio encounters an array of colorful characters including the wily team of Kitty (Laura Savage) and Fox (Devin DeSantis), the scheming schoolboy Lampwick (Liam Quealy), and an evil puppeteer (Jeff Max). From a candy island to the belly of a whale, this new musical spin on the classic tale is sure to dazzle and delight audiences of all ages!
Prologue Theatre Company at The Greenhouse Theater Center Porcelain
An examination of one young man's crime of passion, Porcelain centers on John Lee -- a gay, 19-year-old Asian man who has confessed to shooting his lover in a public lavatory in London. Dissecting the crime though a prism of conflicting points of view, this Greenhouse Theater Center production combines newscasts, flashbacks and John's recollections to a prison psychiatrist to create a truly compelling play. One of the earliest works from celebrated playwright Chay Yew, Porcelain was initially produced in 1992 and won the London Fringe Awards for Best Play and Best Playwright.
The Power Of Prom  
Annoyance Theatre The Power Of Prom
Written as a loving tribute to the 80's, the show combines elements of the songs, movies, television shows, and pop-culture that epitomized the decade.
Public Access Live  
The Public House Theatre Public Access Live
Earlier this year, Mark Rosenthal and Lorenzo Toia turned the late night talk show on its ear with "Public Access Live." Now, they're moving to Primetime, and the Talk Show/Behind-the-Scenes farce is just as groundbreaking as ever. Featuring an eclectic mix of late night comedy, narrative sketch, and audience interaction, Public Access Live is unlike anything else out there. Lorenzo and Mark interview Chicago's most intriguing guests. Audience members play self­confronting games like "Inspirational Quotes" and "Gimme Gimme Gummy Gummy." And in between, viewers are treated to a backstage look at the grinding wheels that make Public Access Live, with everything from weddings to ghosts to musical numbers to good, old-fashioned nacho waterfalls.
Ring Of Fire: The Music Of Johnny Cash  
Mercury Theater Ring Of Fire: The Music Of Johnny Cash
The musical revue RING OF FIRE: THE MUSIC OF JOHNNY CASH guides audiences on a journey through Cash's career, from the cotton fields of Arkansas to the Grand Ole Opry. The show was created by Richard Maltby, Jr., conceived by William Meade, with orchestrations by Steven Bishop and Jeff Lisenby. This version is a re-imagining of the original Broadway production; more intimate, but with a full musical soundscape.
Roast Beef  
CIC Theater Roast Beef
Under the guidance of Miss Jessica Martini, the Roast Beef All-Male Revue entertains wild crowds every weekend with the hardest bodies and hottest moves legal enough to do in public. Starting backstage to learn what these slabs of meat get out of performing and ending with the actual revue, we follow a night with the Roast Beefers and see how they handle the bright lights of (adult) show biz!
Soon I Will Be Invincible  
Lifeline Theatre Soon I Will Be Invincible
The devious Doctor Impossible has escaped from prison and legendary superhero CoreFire has vanished without a trace. With the fate of the world in their hands, the New Champions have mere hours to recover their fallen comrade and stop their arch-nemesis before his doomsday device is complete. Joined by Fatale, a cyborg with an arsenal of deadly hardware and a host of self-esteem issues, the mighty super-team must face their darkest hour - and the truths buried in their deeply troubled pasts. A thrilling new musical about power and identity set in a vibrant world of heroes and villains, in a world premiere adaptation.
Soul Brother, Where Art Thou?  
Second City Soul Brother, Where Art Thou?
Soul Brother, Where Art Thou? hilariously explores the ups and downs of modern life - our co-dependent relationship with technology, the paranoid perils of online dating and battling the loud chorus of judgment we hear in our heads and from the world around us. From the very real threat of fatal peanut allergies to the embarrassment of miscast warriors, Soul Brother, Where Art Thou? searches for common ground and kindred spirits.
Stick Fly  
Windy City Playhouse Stick Fly
Originally developed as part of The August Wilson New Play Initiative at Congo Square where it premiered in 2006, Stick Fly is the story of an affluent black family over a three-day summer weekend on Martha's Vineyard. Young writer Taylor (Celeste Cooper), the daughter of a late African-American academic, accompanies her entomologist fiance Kent (Tyrone Phillips) to meet his family at their vacation home on the Vineyard. On hand for the weekend is powerful patriarch neurosurgeon Joe (Phillip Edward Van Lear), Kent's plastic surgeon brother Flip (Michael Pogue), Flip's new white girlfriend Kimber (Kristen Magee) and black housekeeper Cheryl (Paige Collins).
Sweetie Maude  
Annoyance Theatre Sweetie Maude
Set in Chicago in a timeless age, the new musical is a story of jealousy, cruelty, and ultimately, revenge. Although it's a pastiche of Sweeney Todd, Sweetie Maude has its own voice. The dark and comedic musical resonates as an all-female story: while manipulation, evil, and revenge find their home in our anti-hero Sweetie, we also see love, strength, and a sense of humor.
That's Weird, Grandma  
Barrel Of Monkeys at Neo-Futurists That's Weird, Grandma
An assortment of scenes and songs created by Chicago Public School students and produced by actors, musicians, comedians and playwrights. The hour-long show changes each week, based on audience votes.
Titus Andronicus  
The Public House Theatre Titus Andronicus
"Titus Andronicus" is not William Shakespeare's most popular play, but when it is mounted, it makes a powerful statement. The story is a simple and grotesque portrait of the perversions of power, revenge and the consequences of our primal fear of "The Other." A legendary general takes a foreign queen captive, slaughters her oldest son, and sets off a chain of events which sees his own daughter violated and disfigured, and the Queen's remaining, offending sons baked into a pie.

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