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Ramona Quimby  
Emerald City Theatre Company at Apollo Theater Ramona Quimby
Ramona Quimby is about to start 3rd grade and everything is about to change. Her sister Beezus guides us through a full year on Klickitat Street, bringing changes for the Quimby familyand the speediest wedding this side of Alaska. Reunite with Beverly Cleary's classic family in this hysterical and heartwarming play.
reWILDing Genius  
The New Colony at Steppenwolf Theatre reWILDing Genius
An Uptown Chicago loft becomes a breeding ground for young minds looking to change the world. Self-identified geniuses, cybervigilantes, hacktivists and anarchists cast off the laws of the land as they attempt to alter Humanity's fate. As these Millennials plot against enemies and build complex data schemes, reWILDing Genius asks how far is too far in our quest to save us from ourselves.
Road Show  
Chicago Shakespeare Theater Road Show
Constantly reinventing themselves to achieve success in the first part of the twentieth century, the legendary brothers Addison and Wilson Mizner embark on a musical journey that spans decades. Traversing America from Alaska to Florida, the brothers muscle through 'get-rich-quick-schemes' that explore the many sides of the American Dream.
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead  
Promethean Theatre Ensemble at Athenaeum Theatre Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
PTE Artistic Director Beth Wolf will set Tom Stoppard's classic re-imagining of Hamlet in a Steampunk world, the unique visual aesthetic that typically blends Victorian elements with steam-powered machinery, clockwork, and gears. The Steampunk aesthetic blends worlds - both the past and an imagined future - just as Stoppard blends the traditional with the unknown.
Eclipse Theatre Company at Athenaeum Theatre Ruined
In war-torn Congo, Mama Nadi keeps the peace between customers on both sides of the civil war by serving everything from cold beers to warm beds. This shrewd matriarch both protects and profits from the women whose bodies have become battlegrounds "ruined" by the brutality of government soldiers and rebel forces alike. Inspired by interviews conducted in Africa, Ruined won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize Award for Drama.
Russian Transport  
Steppenwolf Theatre Russian Transport
A rowdy Russian family in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn is on a daily hustle to achieve the American Dream. When Uncle Boris arrives from the old country, his mysterious business ventures force the family to decide just how far they are willing to go to come out on top. A funny, passionate family drama that slyly transforms into a heart-pounding thriller, Russian Transport is a fascinating look at the contemporary American immigrant experience.
First Folio Theatre Salvage
SALVAGE tells the tender story of a shy owner of a collectables store in Detroit who finds his staid existence turned topsy-turvy when a mysterious women enters his life with valuable items she is trying to sell. But as their business relationship grows, so does their personal relationship...and so does the mystery of where she keeps finding these items.
Tympanic Theatre Company at The Side Project Sandalwood
When a young man blazes a trail of blood and destruction throughout the American West, his father embarks on a quest to stop him. But as he makes his way through the ghost towns his son has visited, he questions how evil the boy's intentions truly are, and if his terrible acts are somehow bringing him closer to humanity. Blending conventions of classic Western cinema with shades of Cormac McCarthy and even Pinocchio, Sandalwood explores the genetic inheritance of sin and violence.
Saturday Night/Sunday Morning  
Steppenwolf Theatre Saturday Night/Sunday Morning
As the world wages war in 1945, Miss Mary's beauty parlor and boarding house in Memphis, Tenn., is a popular gathering place for local African-American women. Amidst the hustle and bustle of primping and preening, Miss Mary's provides these ladies with the perfect social setting in which to exchange tales of their soldiers overseas. As the war's end looms somewhere on the horizon, these women wrestle with an uncertain future, finding love and friendship in the most unexpected of places. This Chicago premiere of Saturday Night/Sunday Morning continues Prologue Theatre Company's mission to produce untold historical stories from underrepresented voices, expanding understanding in Chicago's theatre community.
eta Creative Arts Foundation Saviour?
A white client hires a black attorney to represent him in a reverse discrimination case. They both need to win for desperately different reasons. Intelligent and emotionally charged sparring leads these men into an examination of class and privilege in a supposedly post-racial America.
Schoolhouse Rock Live!  
Marriott Theatre In Lincolnshire Schoolhouse Rock Live!
Schoolhouse Rock Live! Is the story of Tom, a nervous school teacher who learns how to win his students over with imagination and music, through such songs as "Just A Bill," "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly" and "Conjunction Junction." The original "Schoolhouse Rock" television series was the brainchild of an advertising executive who noticed his son could remember all the words to popular songs on the radio, but could not memorize the multiplication tables. He then realized that if important educational information was coupled with exciting animation and catchy music, children would be able to learn and retain it.
Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England  
Theater Wit Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England
Dean Wreen is having a difficult week. Her campus renovations are meeting stiff resistance from the town and her ex has returned to live with her. This complicates her relationship with Andromeda, her new (and much younger) girlfriend. Museums, romance, politics and yes, seven enormous mammoths collide in this academic sex comedy by one of America's most fun and original new playwrights.
Sleeping Beauty  
Metropolis Performing Arts Centre Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty has a curse put on her by the evil Maleficent - if she is pricked by a spinning wheel, she will fall into a sleep that can only be awoken by the kiss of a prince. Protected by three fairy godmothers, Sleeping Beauty is safe until her sixteenth birthday when she pricks her finger and falls into a deep sleep. The Prince goes to rescue Sleeping Beauty, but can he get past the enchanted castle covered with thorns and guarded by a dragon? It's a fun, musical version of the beloved fairytale! Recommended for grades PreK-3
Songs from an Unmade Bed  
Pride Films and Plays at Apollo Theater Songs from an Unmade Bed
Songs from an Unmade Bed explores the experiences (romantic, sexual and otherwise) of gay men living in the city. Lyricist Mark Campbell worked with eighteen composers (one per song) to create a unique musical revue, accompanied by piano and cello, with gorgeous songs that range from funny, poignant, melancholy and ultimately hopeful about life and love. Songs from an Unmade Bed has previously been presented in New York City (Off-Broadway), Los Angeles and elsewhere; this will be its premiere professional production in Chicago.
Adventure Stage Chicago Spark
Pandora lives a regimented life within the underground tunnels of Sanctuary, a secluded community designed to outlast the raging violence outside its walls. Each inhabitant of Sanctuary has a purpose, a place, and a common enemy-the mysterious Outliers who live in the world above. But after Pandora personally encounters two young Outliers, she starts to question all that has been taught to her. Is Sanctuary the safe haven she has always believed it to be, or a prison built on fear? As sides are chosen and truths shattered, Pan must ultimately decide between the life she knows and the one that is calling to her. Using projections designed by Liviu Pasare to simulate the texting and gaming that is ever-present in Sanctuary's techno-savvy world, this inventive adventure set in the near future is recommended for ages 9 (grade 4) and up
The Teddy Bears' Picnic  
Emerald City's Little Theatre The Teddy Bears' Picnic
Mama Bear and Baby Bear have invited you to pack up your picnic basket and head out to the woods. Mama Bear needs your family's help to set up the picnic and gather the materials for a perfect lunch. Explore your surroundings and squeal with delight at the surprises you and Baby Bear discover there. Best suited for kids 0 - 4.
The Tempest  
Suitcase Shakespeare Company at Athenaeum Theatre The Tempest
Shakespeare's dynamic magical adventure is brought to life through puppetry, masks, movement and music. The brooding sorcerer Prospero commands storms and spirits that he might meddle in the affairs of those that have been drawn by fate to his secluded island. Adapted by the Suitcase Shakespeare Company.

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