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Liberty City  
eta Creative Arts Foundation Liberty City
The compelling one-woman play tells a story of Miami in the 1980s - where race, politics and police brutality spark a community on edge and ignite a city-wide riot that a 10 year-old girl must navigate to get her young brother safely home. Everything her 60s revolutionary parents taught her about being black, invisible and strategic just might save them both. Liberty City foreshadows the current confrontations experienced in African American communities today.
The LIVINGroom  
Stage 773 The LIVINGroom
You're not likely to find much social interaction on your couch at home, much less dramatic and engaging true stories told by the people that actually lived them. So why not move the action to The LIVINGroom at Chicago's Stage 773, and experience this new edition of their Sunday Solo Performance Series? They're promising highly-theatrical storytelling, inspired by actual events, so you can relax and kick back in someone else's parlor to be thoroughly entertained. You'll find Stage 773 at the center of Lakeview's exciting Belmont Theater District.
Love and Human Remains  
Cor Theatre at Rivendell Theatre Love and Human Remains
Chicago's summer theater season promises to heat up considerably when Brad Fraser's ground-breaking play, Love and Human Remains, a bawdy, carnal, modern day tale of Chicago thirtysomethings on the hunt for love, sex and acceptance while a serial killer is in their midst, returns to Chicago after a 20+ year absence in a daring new production from Cor Theatre, directed by Ernie Nolan.
The Magic Parlour  
The House Theatre of Chicago at The Palmer House Hilton Hotel The Magic Parlour
The performance contains some of his favorite pieces of magic, alongside some brand new routines in an hour-long show packed with mind-reading, levitations, escapes, and a ridiculous new adaptation of the classic “Card Stab” during which Watkins climbs inside of a fully inflated 7 foot balloon!
A Marvin Hamlisch Songbook  
Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre at No Exit Cafe A Marvin Hamlisch Songbook
A cabaret of songs by the composer of "The Way We Were," A Chorus Line and many other Broadway musicals and films. A Marvin Hamlisch Songbook will feature new arrangements and musical direction by Aaron Benham, who provided music direction and arrangements for Theo Ubqiue's A Cole Porter Songbook and A Musical Tribute to the Andrews Sisters and was music director for Theo's Always... Patsy Cline.
The Ruckus at Athenaeum Theatre Matawan
In the summer of 1916, a series of freakish and fatal shark attacks paralyzed the Jersey Shore. Three people were attacked in one day in Matawan, no matter that the town is 11 miles upstream from the Atlantic Ocean. This string followed two other attacks elsewhere on the shore. Further inland, Philadelphia was in the grips of a polio outbreak, and the entire nation was plagued with thoughts of entry into World War I. It was an incredibly unusual moment in American history, and all that tension is conjured up movingly in Matawan, a new play at Athenaeum Theatre Studio Two. As the drama builds, a monster appears, and the play's protagonists learn that their inner selves might be just as dangerous as any outside threat.
Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament  
Medieval Times Schaumburg Castle Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament
Medieval Times is an exciting, family-friendly dinner attraction inspired by an 11th century feast and tournament. Guests are served a four-course banquet and cheer for one of six knights as they compete in the joust and other tests of skill. Expect lots of jousting, swordsmanship, thrilling hand-to-hand combat, and displays of extraordinary horsemanship as part of an exciting story set in Medieval Spain.
Men Of Soul  
Black Ensemble Theater Men Of Soul
A fascinating journey featuring the music made famous by some of the greatest soul singers of all time including, Peabo Bryson, Joe Cocker, Billy Ocean, Billy Joel, Luther Vandross, Tom Jones and the incomparable Bill Withers - just to name a few. This uplifting and powerful celebration helps us to understand the struggles of these men and the strength that it took for each one to find their - soul!
Men On The Verge Of A His-panic Breakdown  
Pride Films and Plays at Apollo Theater Men On The Verge Of A His-panic Breakdown
This series of comedic monologues is as timely today as it was when it premiered in 1994 as it chronicles the lives of various Latino immigrants dealing with transcultural shock of race and gender identity known as the "Hispanic breakdown." The play is bracketed by the misadventures of the naive Frederico or "The Gay Little Immigrant That Could" who arrives in Los Angeles during the first day of the 1992 riots and believes he's witnessing the filming of another 'Lethal Weapon' sequel. Other characters include Vinnie, a kept boy; Edward, a Latino actor passing for Anglo; the Demon Roommate; and a Cuban restauranteur who was imprisoned by the Communists in Cuba for being gay and has now been exiled by his right-wing Miami family for the same reason.
Million Dollar Quartet  
Apollo Theater Million Dollar Quartet
MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET is the smash-hit musical inspired by the famed 1956 recording session that brought together rock 'n' roll icons Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley for the first and only time. That legendary night is brought to life in this thrilling musical which features a score of hits including "Blue Suede Shoes," "Great Balls of Fire," "Walk the Line," "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On," "Hound Dog" and more. Don't miss your chance to be a fly on the wall of fame... at MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET!
Hell in a Handbag Productions at Mary's Attic Miracle!
MIRACLE! tells the story of Helen Stellar, a young deaf and blind drag queen who loves to perform under the watchful eye of her drag mother who just happens to be her biological father - Crystal Pain. Crystal is owner of The Brass Connection, an old school drag club where the performers are just like any other normal family - crazy as hell. When the state assigns Annie Sullivan to teach Helen to better communicate, all hell breaks loose and we soon discover that Helen is the most normal of all of the inhabitants of The Brass Connection. MIRACLE! is about family (biological and chosen), a father and son, gay and lesbian subculture and finding your voice.
Moby Dick  
Lookingglass Theatre Moby Dick
Madness rages like the angry sea when man pits himself against leviathan in Melville's epic and poetic tale furiously reimagined on the Lookingglass stage by director David Catlin (Lookingglass Alice). Set sail with Captain Ahab and the intrepid crew of the Pequod in this harrowing and intoxicating exploration of fate vs. free will.
My Girlfriend is the Devil!  
Cornservatory My Girlfriend is the Devil!
Michael heard dating could be hellish, but nothing prepared him for this. In My Girlfriend is the Devil!, Michael, a 25-year-old virgin, falls hard for his new girlfriend Tina. But it's only after Tina unexpectedly moves in with him and his improv-team roommates that their relationship starts to go south -- really far south. When a seance party inadvertently opens a portal to Hell and Beelzebub is set free, Michael and the gang must battle not only Evil Incarnate but also their own personal demons. Featuring dynamic fight sequences, original scoring, and the Dark Princess Herself, My Girlfriend Is the Devil!. takes rom-coms, sitcoms and old-school demonology and fuses them into a comedy like no other. Now Corn Productions presents their newest original production at The Cornservatory.
Never Have I Ever  
Under The Gun Theater Never Have I Ever
From the creator and director of Comedy Against Humanity comes a new late night offering. Based on the popular party game "Never Have I Ever," this high-energy, interactive show takes an inside look at a house party we've all been to before-or have we?
Never the Bridesmaid  
Oil Lamp Theater Never the Bridesmaid
Twins Maria and Anthony have never had luck with love. She's been widowed once and divorced twice; he was dumped by his fiancee four years ago and hasn't dated since. Both are full of advice for one another but floundering on their own as they prepare for the 40th anniversary of their parents' perfect marriage. Might they finally find love in the seemingly willing partners that surround them? Never the Bridesmaid follows along as they attempt to find the answer. The play had its Jeff Award-winning debut in Chicago two years ago, and now it's coming to Glenview's Oil Lamp Theater.
On Your Feet  
Ford Oriental Theatre On Your Feet
ON YOUR FEET! is the story of two people who-through an unwavering dedication to one another and their pursuit of the American dream-showcased their talent, their music and their heritage to the world in a remarkable rise to global superstardom. Set to Gloria's chart-topping, smash hits such as "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You, "1-2-3," "Mi Tierra," and "Conga," in addition to new music penned by the Estefans, the show will bring a new sound to Broadway and get audiences on their feet.
One Thousand Words  
The Den Theatre One Thousand Words
Richard Hanks knows that writing a thousand words about two men who were in love in the 1940s will help promote himself at the Forward Magazine, but what he doesn't realize is how much hearing the story of the men will change his perspective on equality. The audience follows Richard's journey, and in doing so, gets a glimpse at a love story that must struggle against a quickly changing, unacceptable culture.

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