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Fool Me Twice, Deja Vu  
Second City Fool Me Twice, Deja Vu
Fool Me Twice, Deja Vu takes you on an uproarious exploration of intuition. Have you been here before? Should you do anything different? Or are mistakes what make us grow? In this ever changing world there are still significant transformations to be made. Take a gleeful glance into funny mothers, millennials, christian media and contemporary nostalgia as you get fooled twice and come back to be fooled again.
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum  
Citadel Theatre Company A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Travel to ancient Rome and experience the wild antics of the mischievous slave Pseudolus in Stephen Sondheim's laugh-out-loud musical A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. This slapstick romp sings and dances its way through mistaken identities, a house full of courtesans and an elaborate web of lies -- all adding up to one uproarious night of theater. The winner of six Tony Awards, Forum is one of the funniest musicals ever written, seamlessly merging situations from timeless Roman comedies with the fast-paced, slapstick energy of classic vaudeville. Step into Citadel Theatre and enjoy classic show tunes like "Lovely," "Bring Me My Bride" and the Broadway favorite "Comedy Tonight."
Drury Lane- Oakbrook Hazel
The world premiere musical comedy, "Hazel," based on the character created by Ted Key and the hit television series, kicks off the 2016-2017 season. It's the 1960's, a time of great change for America, but not all of the Baxter family is on board. What George Baxter finds not so funny about his wife joining the work force and his maid taking over his household and his life--is a laugh riot. Directed and choreographed by Emmy Award winner Joshua Bergasse, "Hazel" asks the question: can a simple maid debone a turkey, save a marriage, uncover a matter of national security and lead a conga line? She can if she's Hazel!
Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin  
Royal George Theatre Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin
Hershey Felder returns to Chicago in this hit production of Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin at Royal George Theatre. Even if you don't know him by name, you've heard plenty of Irving Berlin's songs: "God Bless America," "White Christmas," "Anything You Can Do," "Puttin' on the Ritz," "There's No Business Like Show Business" -- the list goes on and on. Now you have the opportunity to experience the quintessential American composer through the performance of an immensely talented actor, pianist and playwright. Hershey Felder has previously performed as George Gershwin, Beethoven and Chopin, and in Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin, he takes on the role of one of America's most prolific composers. Felder's masterful creation of character and performance features Berlin's songs performed by Felder, as well as stories about Berlin's life and how he created the music we still love today. Don't miss this memorable show -- hailed as "richly entertaining and ultimately touching" by the Los Angeles Times.
Hillary and Clinton  
Victory Gardens Theater - Biograph Hillary and Clinton
Imagine that in an alternate universe, very much like our own, is another world where a woman named Hillary is trying to become president of a country called the United States of America. In a hotel room in New Hampshire in 2008, Hillary is poised to lose her last Primary Election. When her husband Bill arrives in the middle of the night to offer support, he turns the campaign upside down. Fresh from the IGNITION Festival of New Plays, Lucas Hnath's Hillary and Clinton is a fast-paced, no-holds-barred glimpse into a political storm of another world. Chay Yew directs Hnath's 2008 Primary Election fantasy, exploring the extraordinary sacrifices one is willing to make in order to gain ultimate power.
Horrible Fun  
Under The Gun Theater Horrible Fun
You know your favorite adult party card games? The terrible apple mad lib f*ucktionary incorrect against humanity game that you love so much! We love them too! When you walk in the door you get three cards that fill in the blank. During the show if you have a good card that matches the main card pulled by our judge raise your hand and come up on stage! We will do improvisation based on the combinations. Be aware this show is dirty, ridiculous, offensive, and horrible. Are you ready to be horrible with us?
The House of Blue Leaves  
Raven Theatre The House of Blue Leaves
Set in Queens, New York during Pope Paul VI's 1965 visit, struggling songwriter Artie wants to be famous and feel important while his heavily medicated wife Bananas just wants to feel. Can Artie's old high school buddy, now a Hollywood movie producer, give him a shot at the big time? Or will a blessing from the Pope do the trick?
How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental Patients  
Trap Door Theatre How to Explain the History of Communism to  Mental Patients
Matei Visniec's How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental Patients is an existentialist drama questioning the relation between personal and political, truth and deceit, real and de-illusional. In this play's maddening interplay of mirrors and projections, everybody turns into a mental patient or a spy or a leader as each new revolution becomes yet another ideological TRAP.
In The Heat Of The Night  
Shattered Globe Theatre at Theater Wit In The Heat Of The Night
In The Heat Of The Night recounts the classic, highly charged story of an African American police officer asked to investigate a murder in a racially hostile southern town. It's a torrid night in 1965 Argo, Alabama when a dead white man is found. The local police, desperately searching for a motive and a suspect, arrest a black man passing through town. They soon discover their suspect is an expert homicide detective from L.A. and they must confront their personal prejudices as they are forced to work side-by-side to solve the crime. The award-winning film version starring Sidney Poitier remains emblematic of our country in the 1960s. Fifty years later, Pelfry's new adaptation of the novel leaves room for the evolution of these attitudes. But watching the nightly news - how far have we come?
In the Time of the Butterflies  
Victory Gardens Theater - Biograph In the Time of the Butterflies
Based on Julia Álvarez's popular novel, In The Time of the Butterflies, is a fictionalized account of the story of the courageous Mirabal sisters from the Dominican Republic. The sisters inspired resistance cells throughout the country against the dictatorial regime of Gen. Rafael Leónidas Trujillo. The 'butterflies,' their secret code name, were brutally murdered by the regime in 1960.
Jabari Dreams of Freedom  
Chicago Children's Theatre at Ruth Page Center For Arts Jabari Dreams of Freedom
Meet Jabari, a young boy from the south side of Chicago, scared and confused by the turbulent, sometimes unjust world around him. A gifted artist, Jabari escapes to the Civil Rights era through his colorful paintings where he interacts with children from the past - including a young Barack Obama. His poignant dreams of freedom empower Jabari to live courageously in the face of fear.
Profiles Theatre - The Main Stage Jerusalem
On St George's Day, the morning of the local county fair, Johnny "Rooster" Byron is a wanted man. The council officials want to serve him an eviction notice, his son wants his dad to take him to the fair, and a motley crew of locals want his ample supply of drugs and alcohol. A comic, contemporary vision of rural England, Jez Butterworth's wildly original epic play is both a lament about the erosion of country life, as well as a rebuff to the antiseptic modern world.
Jesus Hopped the "A" Train  
Eclipse Theatre Company at Athenaeum Theatre Jesus Hopped the
At New York's Rikers Island, Angel Cruz is in prison awaiting trial for shooting Reverend Kim, where he walks a tightrope between salvation and the point of no return. While in jail he meets Lucius Jenkins, an inmate whose pride and religious zeal defy the bars that hold him prisoner, and their encounter will change each other forever. Jesus Hopped the 'A' Train is a brilliant, visceral examination of morality and justice, questioning the difference between true faith and self-serving religion.
Kill Floor  
American Theater Company Kill Floor
Kill Floor takes place in a small town in 2003. Following a long incarceration, a mother returns to her hometown to restart her life. After securing a job at the local slaughterhouse, the challenges of re-entry unfold as she reunites with her teenage son, a staunch vegetarian. Koogler's thought provoking, surprising and moving search for connection in modern America had its World Premiere at New York's LCT3/Lincoln Center Theater in October 2015.
The King and I  
Lyric Opera The King and I
Broadway musical favorite The King and I comes to the Civic Opera House in a spectacular production from Lyric Opera of Chicago. One of Rodgers and Hammerstein's most beloved and enduring creations, this multi-award-winning show was most recently the recipient of four Tony Awards, including Best Revival of a Musical. Set in 19th-century Bangkok and inspired by a true story, the show follows Anna, a British widow hired to tutor the King's many children. Although their very different backgrounds initially result in conflict, the sparks set off by their culture clash lead to greater understanding and respect between the two. The King and I features such Broadway classics as "Shall We Dance?," "Getting to Know You," "I Whistle a Happy Tune" and "Hello, Young Lovers."
Land of Never-Lack  
Cave Painting Theater at The Frontier Land of Never-Lack
Land of Never-Lack combines W.B. Yeats' 1889 play Land of Heart's Desire with a new story written by Harold Jaffe and Gwen KellyMasterton in a melange of dreamlike bittersweetness and energetic whimsy. In 18thcentury Sligo, newlywed Maire wishes for an escape from her stifling new lifecould the strange child that arrives at her inlaws' house be the answer? Meanwhile, elsewhere and elsewhen, a mischievous Sprite gets more than she bargained for when she tries to "replace" Siobhan, the human child she kidnapped by accident. As each protagonist must choose between Humanity and Faery, the stories ask: if you had a chance to leave behind all pain, hunger, and loss, and live forever in a world where you'd never want anything you couldn't have, would you take it? If suffering and mortality make us human, what is being human worth? Is it better to be wise, or happy? Would you rather give up freedom, or love?
The Last Big Mistake  
Factory Theater The Last Big Mistake
In one savage night in the summer of '75, Lola Knight and Roxy Aguilar make a series of increasingly awful decisions, all of them surrounding a strange little package they were hired to transport. Meanwhile, the rightful owner of that package is in town, bent on revenge and leaving a trail of bodies in his murderous wake as he searches for his property. Lola and Roxy fight their way across town; and though the night is over, their troubles have only just begun. They can't remember their first big mistake, but it's likely they won't forget their last big mistake.

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