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Cupid Has a Heart On  
Stage 773 Cupid Has a Heart On
The longest running musical comedy in Chicago, Cupid Has a Heart On is a must see Chicago experience! The fast paced, musical sketch show is hilarious, irreverent, and a raunchy good time. If you're ready to belly laugh about body image and roar about relationships, Cupid Has a Heart On is sure to deliver with comedic wit to spare. Created by Stage 773 Creative Director, Brian Posen, who directs and plays accompaniment, The Cupid Players have toured nationwide, including appearances in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Cupid Has a Heart On features an ensemble cast and a rotating set list, so you are sure to see new faces and hear old favorites when you come to see Cupid again and again. The wickedly talented triple-threats who make up The Cupid Players are some of Chicago's top creative talent - constantly developing new material for the mainstage show, touring, festivals, and events.
The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence  
Theater Wit The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence
Four constant companions become one for a brilliantly witty, time-jumping, loving tribute (and cautionary tale) dedicated to the people - and machines - upon which we all depend.
Dan and Kate's Book Club  
Annoyance Theatre Dan and Kate's Book Club
Dan Jackson and Kate Yeagle are two bibliophiles who have read every book known to man. Join them in their study as they faithfully reenact your favorite literary masterpiece while tactfully avoiding any underlying personality clashes they might have. Different opening groups will be featured each week.
The Dinner Detective  
Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel The Dinner Detective
Having worked in the professional theater, TV and film industries for over 20 years, our collection of actors and producers have mastered the art of improvisational theatrical role playing and have ultimately created the perfect evening of entertainment for you and your guests. By hiding our actors among the customers and leaving everyone to suspect who is part of the show and who is not, our events are proven second to none.
Direct from Death Row The Scottsboro Boys  
Raven Theatre Direct from Death Row The Scottsboro Boys
The dark chapter of American history - in which nine African-American teenagers were falsely convicted of assaulting two white women and spent decades in the legal system fighting for their lives - is told surreally and satirically in Stein's play. In it, the "boys" return from eternity to the stage, where they keep their story alive through songs, a magic act, a ventriloquist act, skits and soft shoe - all to convey the tawdry show that their case became.
Goodman Theatre Disgraced
Amir Kapoor has turned his back on his upbringing in pursuit of the American Dream-he's married to a beautiful woman, lives in a luxurious Manhattan apartment and is eyeing a lucrative promotion at his powerful law firm. But when Amir hosts a dinner party for his African American co-worker and her Jewish husband, the initially pleasant evening erupts into a volatile argument over race, religion and class in the modern world.
BoHo Theatre at Theater Wit Dogfight
November 21, 1963. On the eve of their deployment to Vietnam, three young Marines take part in a "dogfight"- a game where the soldiers compete to bring the ugliest date, unbeknownst to the girls accompanying them. But when Corporal Eddie Birdlace meets Rose, an awkward and idealistic waitress, she rewrites the rules of the game and teaches him the power of compassion. With some of the best new music on the current musical stage, Dogfight begins as a rousing song and dance adventure and ends as an intimate story about finding the beauty and comfort of love in the most unexpected places.
East of Eden  
Steppenwolf Theatre East of Eden
Escaping a turbulent past, Adam Trask is determined to make a new start in California’s Salinas Valley. Adam and his wife Kate settle on a beautiful farm, and soon Kate gives birth to twins Caleb and Aaron. But family history, sibling rivalry and the impending danger of World War One will threaten their little piece of paradise. East of Eden is a sprawling and unflinching story that asks if is it possible to escape the mistakes of previous generations and choose your own course.
Farewell My Friend: The Romance of Romeo and Juliet  
(re)discover theatre at Epworth United Methodist Church Farewell My Friend: The Romance of Romeo and Juliet
Farewell My Friend: The Romance of Romeo and Juliet is (re)discover theatre's new adaptation of Shakespeare's infamous work. This production allows the audience to submerge themselves in an immersive, promenade experience that travels throughout multiple rooms. Upon entering audience members are fated to follow either Romeo or Juliet through the rollercoaster of Shakespeare's story. Follow along as these doom- fated characters draw you through a story that is equally driven by text and movement creating a meld of physical and verbal story telling. Inches from these star-crossed lovers you can feel how their story resonates through time and transcends language.
Feathers and Teeth  
Goodman Theatre Feathers and Teeth
The latest world-premiere potion at Chicago's world-famous Goodman Theatre is an intriguing witches' brew of family drama and suspense thriller, with a generous bit of campy horror comedy stirred into the mix as well. Feathers and Teeth finds literal and figurative skeletons being uncovered in the home of a 13-year-old girl named Chris, who's now forced to face her greatest fear. But it's not the monster that may be living in their house that's giving her nightmares, it's a mystery-shrouded woman who's insinuated herself into Chris' once-idyllic family life. Playwright Charise Castro Smith has conjured up what looks to be the perfect live pre-Halloween treat.
Fifty Shades of Gay  
GayCo Productions at Under The Gun Theater Fifty Shades of Gay
50 STATES OF GAY is a completely unique sketch-variety hybrid experience. Starting with Massachusetts (where the original Tea was spilled), each week the audience will select a different state from a hat, and that state will become the theme for the next show. The talented cast will then have exactly one week to create original content based on that state.
Fog Island  
Filament Theatre Fog Island
When the fog refuses to lift from their sleepy Irish fishing village, siblings Cara and Finn must take matters into their own hands. The children take to the sea, only to find themselves washed ashore on the mysterious and dangerous Fog Island. A spooky adventure story adapted from Tomi Ungerer's award winning picture book, Fog Island asks what it means to grow up and face your fears.
For Her As A Piano  
Pegasus Theatre Chicago at Chicago Dramatists For Her As A Piano
Nambi E. Kelley's new play is the story of one woman's journey to unravel a history that she's never been told. Through music, memory and magic, FOR HER AS A PIANO traces the lives of three generations of women, and how they are interconnected across time and space.
Fugue for Particle Accelerator  
20% Theatre Company at Prop Theatre Fugue for Particle Accelerator
Worlds collide in Fugue for Particle Accelerator, in which a passionate physicist dares to seek out parallel universes. Hope is a scientist trying to build a particle accelerator; Jonas is her ambulance driver boyfriend who just wants to settle down and maybe not test the waters with untested forays into alternate realities. When a mysterious stranger enters the picture, the delicate balance of their life together is thrown into chaos, and only Hope's cat Schrödinger, who lives in the quantum universe, knows how the story ends. 20% Theatre Company presents this stirring stew of drama and science at Chicago's Prop Thtr.
Northlight Theatre Funnyman
New York City, 1959. Fading vaudeville comic Chick Sherman, along with his long-suffering agent, tries to revive his career with a role in an avant-garde off-Broadway play. While his grown daughter searches for answers from her absentee showbiz father, a lifetime of private and professional struggles rise to the surface, cracking the polished public persona of the world's favorite former "funny man."
Gem of the Ocean  
Court Theatre Gem of the Ocean
Resident Artist Ron OJ Parson continues his triumphant tour through August Wilson's iconic century cycle with Gem of the Ocean, his seventh Wilson production at Court Theatre. Nominated for the Tony Award for Best Play in 2005, Gem of the Ocean is a fantastical story of freedom, justice, and redemption. A new century has dawned in America, but the shadow of slavery's legacy lingers. As a city desperate for freedom descends into chaos, a murderer arrives on the doorstep of Ester Tyler's Pittsburgh home. Known as a cleanser of souls, Ester must take this stranger on a spiritual journey of healing and renewal to the mythical City of Bones. Actress Greta Oglesby (Ma Rainey's Black Bottom) returns to play Ester, a role she originated in 2003, and will be joined by Court favorites A.C. Smith (Fences, Jitney), Alfred Wilson (Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, Jitney), David Alan Anderson (The Mountaintop), and Tyla Abercrumbie (The Piano Lesson).
Annoyance Theatre Generals
Chicago is known for both its world-class theaters and improv institutions. "Generals" combines the two for an evening of top notch theater performances to inspire intelligent improv. Each week Antoine McKay and Christy Bonstell will host a different highly regarded stage or film actor from theaters like Steppenwolf, and The Goodman, and shows such as Empire, who will perform three of their favorite monologues. McKay and Bonstell will use the scripted information to inspire a series of improv scenes, and maybe the guest actor will even play along. Each week will also feature an opening improv group.

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