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Comedy Sportz ComedySportz
ComedySportz shows offer a unique blend of fast and funny improvisational comedy that is appropriate fun for all ages. The Red and Blue teams battle it out in front of a referee in games that the audience selects, and points are awarded based on how quickly and effectively the performers complete the games. The eternal battle of Red vs. Blue is improvised 6 times weekly, and the show is never the same twice!
Cupid Has a Heart On: A Musical Guide to Relationships  
Stage 773 Cupid Has a Heart On: A Musical Guide to Relationships
The Cupid Players are Chicago's all-musical sketch comedy group; their intelligent and satirical scenes are always accompanied by songs that are sure to puncture your aorta. They have performed from coast to coast and were just voted Critics Pick in the Chicago Reader! Come and see what Chris Jones of the Chicago Tribune calls "both refreshing and a memorably enjoyable 70 minutes."
The Diary of Anne Frank  
Writers Theatre The Diary of Anne Frank
As vital today as when it was first written, Anne Frank's extraordinary diary has become an essential part of how we remember one of the darkest periods of human history. Filled with its young author's luminous spirit - her "boundless desire for all that is beautiful and good" - the diary also illuminates the coming of age of a complex, passionate young girl as she falls in love, grows into a woman and struggles to survive with her family amid the chaos of war and religious persecution.
The Dinner Detective  
Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel The Dinner Detective
Having worked in the professional theater, TV and film industries for over 20 years, our collection of actors and producers have mastered the art of improvisational theatrical role playing and have ultimately created the perfect evening of entertainment for you and your guests. By hiding our actors among the customers and leaving everyone to suspect who is part of the show and who is not, our events are proven second to none.
The Public House Theatre Dirtbag
Some teens are growing up too fast, while some adults haven't grown up at all. Dirtbag takes a knowingly hilarious in-depth look at a handful of those kids and childlike adults -- from asthmatic Larry, who wants nothing more than to score the winning basket, to Kevin, who wants nothing more than for people to stop asking what he's done since college. At this Public House Theatre production -- penned by Chicago's Ryan Burkett -- you'll also meet youngster Kathy, who struggles to understand her friends' attempts at innuendo and grown-up Mia, who searches for the words to say to her coworker on the morning-after. If you've ever had your immaturity immortalized on the internet, or felt like working in a cubicle was just a painful extension of high school, you too might be a Dirtbag.
Don't Go Gentle  
Haven Theatre Company at Theater Wit Don't Go Gentle
Judge Lawrence Driver is a conservative powerhouse on the bench, but a failure at home. Now retired and widowed, and seeking redemption, Judge Driver volunteers to do pro bono legal work with Tanya, a vulnerable ex-con with a troubled teenage son, while working to repair the increasingly complicated relationships with his own adult children. When his newfound generosity is perceived as condescension, Judge Driver runs the risk of losing everything.
Doubt: A Parable  
Writers Theatre Doubt: A Parable
Set against the backdrop of a 1960s America in the midst of political and social change, a progressive young priest’s conduct comes under question by Sister Aloysius Beauvier, the school principal whose beliefs are deeply rooted in tradition. As the actions and motivations of each are scrutinized and suspicion mounts, the two are drawn into a battle of wills that threatens irrevocable consequences for all involved.
Fanatical: A Science Fiction Convention Musical  
American Demigods at The Den Theatre Fanatical: A Science Fiction Convention Musical
"Angel 8" is a cult science fiction TV show. It's also a lifestyle. To the fans gathered at the first-ever "Angel 8" convention, it's EVERYTHING. But when the unthinkable happens during show creator Scott Furnish's long-awaited keynote address, this group of lovable misfits must band together to prove that no power in the 'verse can keep a story from its fans.
Forever Hold Your Piece  
Stage 773 Forever Hold Your Piece
Love is patient, love is kind, love sometimes makes us say very stupid things. From wrestling fanatics and sassy baristas to apologetic politicians and the dreaded first-date, "Forever Hold Your Piece" explores the dumb, lovable idiot inside us all.
Route 66 Theatre Company at The Greenhouse Theater Center Goldfish
Two children of dysfunctional single parents come to college and fall in love with each other in Goldfish, a quirky romantic dramedy at Greenhouse Theater Center. Uptight 19-year-old Albert has left behind his irresponsible father, a degenerate gambler prone to squandering the family's savings on his habit. Meanwhile, the lovely Lucy's mother is an alcoholic dowager who lounges around their mansion in her bathrobe and pearls. As these two lovers' relationship evolves, friction heats up on both sides of the generational divide, as the children must increasingly serve as wards to their own troubled parents.
Goldilocks and the Bears  
Chicago Kids Company at St. Patrick Performing Arts Center- Stahl Family Theater Goldilocks and the Bears
This musical is JUST RIGHT! This show is based on the classic story of a young girl who ventures into the woods and stumbles on a cute house with 3 bowls of porridge, 3 chairs, and 3 beds. The show runs one hour with no intermission, and is targeted for kids aged 2 to 12.
Good People  
Redtwist Theatre Good People
Margie (pronounced with a hard "g") is a good soul from "Southie" with a string of bad luck. While at ease in her own world of rough-and-tumble south Boston, she seeks an opportunity in the upper crust world of "lace-curtain" Chestnut Hill, in which her old Southie boyfriend has forged his way as a successful doctor with a beautiful wife and new baby. Little does he know that his old gal pal has not come merely to say hello. No no, Margie has a plan, and both their lives are now at a crossroads.
Grand Concourse  
Steppenwolf Theatre Grand Concourse
Having dedicated her life to religious service, Shelley runs a Bronx soup kitchen with unsentimental efficiency. Her brisk nature masks an unsettling fear that her efforts are meaningless. When Emma-a rainbow-haired college dropout-arrives to volunteer, her volatile mix of generosity and self-involvement pushes Shelley over the edge. With both humor and heart, Grand Concourse asks big questions about the value of compassion and the limits of forgiveness.
Greenroom Improv  
Hemmens Cultural Center Greenroom Improv
Imagine an hour and a half of complete improvisation, a la Whose Line is it Anyway? GreenRoom’s improvisers take audience suggestions and true-life audience stories and turn them into hilarious theatre pieces right before their eyes! With competing improv teams, improvised songs and audience members on stage, this clean, high-energy show brings the laughs to The Hemmens. Oh, and did we mention there’s live music?
If You Rebuild It, They Might Come  
The Public House Theatre If You Rebuild It, They Might Come
To long-suffering Cubs fans who've had to grin and bear it for decades, this new comedy at Wrigleyville's Public House Theater cleverly commiserates with your pain, as it satirizes the latest round of supposed improvements to the game-going experience. If You Rebuild It, They Might Come is a Willy Wonka-style adventure about a couple who win a golden game ticket in a case of Old Style, and then delve into the many legends and mysteries of good ol' Wrigley Field, while the team owners try to figure out just what the average fan wants from a day at the ballpark. Take in the show, written and directed by Byron Hatfield (Bye Bye Liver: The Chicago Drinking Play, Game of Mobile Homes), and enjoy drink specials available from the theater's full bar.
TimeLine Theatre Company Inana
On the eve of the United States' invasion of Baghdad in 2003, an Iraqi museum curator plots to save treasured antiquities, including the statue of ancient mother goddess Inana-metaphorically, the soul of the country-from destruction. Fleeing to London with his young bride, he makes a life-altering deal to ensure the statue's preservation. Against a background of international and personal intrigue, playwright Michele Lowe opens a window of hope and healing with her poignant and beautiful love story.
Kiss of the Spider Woman  
Benevolent Theatre at Trap Door Theatre Kiss of the Spider Woman
The winner of seven Tony Awards, Kiss of the Spider Woman spins its web at Trap Door Theatre. John Kander and Fred Ebb's musical is the story of two cellmates in a Latin American prison -- Valentin, a Marxist revolutionary, and Molina, a gay window dresser. Molina survives the torture and humiliation by escaping into a fantasy world of the movies he loved as a child, conjuring a beautiful and beguiling screen enchantress named Aurora as his imaginary diva. The lines between reality and fantasy begin to blur as the relationship between Valentin and Molina becomes more and more complicated, and the danger increases in this mesmerizing classic from the songwriting team that created Chicago and Cabaret and the four-time Tony Award-winning author of Love! Valor! Compassion! A harrowing tale of torture and political oppression, this captivating musical nonetheless embraces hope and the beauty of love.

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