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Double Text  
The Public House Theatre Double Text
Dating has gotten interesting in the digital age -- just look at Double Text, a relationship comedy that's a total product of the 21st century, presented by Chicago's Public House Theatre. The morning after Emma and Philip go on a highly successful first date, she sends him a text he can't quite decipher. Enlisting the help of his roomie, the guys attempt to decode her seemingly cryptic messages for hidden meaning. Unbeknownst to them, Emma and her roommate are doing the exact same with Philip's text, overanalyzing and debating each and every word while trying to decide the best way to respond. It's a hilarious battle of the sexes comedy ripped straight from today's culture, proving that all's fair in love and texting.
The Dougs: Punk is What You Make of it  
Annoyance Theatre The Dougs: Punk is What You Make of it
"The Dougs: Punk is What You Make of it" is a new sketch comedy show premiering at The Annoyance Theatre centering around the absurd world of a punk band with no instruments trying to solve the murder of one of their members.
Porchlight Music Theatre at Stage 773 Dreamgirls
Full of on-stage joy and backstage drama, Dreamgirls is the story of an up-and-coming 1960s all-female singing group from Chicago and the triumphs and tribulations that come on the road to fame and fortune, and features unforgettable hits including, "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going," "One Night Only" and "Listen." With a story that lives through the journey of popular music in America, and presented in Porchlight's signature intimate and up-close style, this Tony Award and Academy Award-winning musical will receive an intense and illuminating interpretation by Chicago's leading talents.
Dry Land  
Rivendell Theatre Dry Land
Set in the girls' locker room of a Florida high school, Ruby Rae Spiegel's ferocious new play looks at the unlikely friendship between Esther and Amy, two high school swimmers under uncommon pressure. Called a "remarkable new play" by The New York Times, Dry Land is alternately harrowing and hilarious, as it homes in on the issue of DIY abortion, the complexities of female friendship, and the impossible pressures that build up at the brink of adulthood.
The Edge Of Our Bodies  
TUTA Theatre The Edge Of Our Bodies
A Chicago premiere play by acclaimed American writer and Pulitzer Prize finalist Adam Rapp. This haunting and deeply moving story follows 16 year old Bernadette, an aspiring young writer as she journeys through New York City and teeters on the verge of adulthood. A unique coming of age story, the play honestly and delicately paints the journey of our teenage years, at times uncertain, always full of yearning, and empowered by devastating and uplifting experiences.
Even Longer and Farther Away  
The New Colony at The Den Theatre Even Longer and Farther Away
Elliot has one objective: hike the Appalachian Trail and make it to Katahdin the way his father always wanted. Weeks into his journey, Elliot's pilgrimage comes to a halt. On an unseasonably snowy night, Elliot finds himself stuck in a town not found on a map with a half-sister he barely knows and two strangers who know too much. Here, Elliot must confront the truth about how well he knows his father and himself. A new play about memory, family and finding your way.
The Eviller Twin  
Curious Theatre Branch at Prop Theatre The Eviller Twin
The Eviller Twin concerns Clothilde and Flavia, identical twins, though one's a bit repressed and the other is rather wild. When Flavia gets engaged to her latest pick-up, Clothilde must cope in her own special way: perhaps murder; maybe madness; who the heck is who?!
Marriott Theatre In Lincolnshire Evita
Andrew Lloyd Webber's complex and dynamic musical masterpiece, charting Eva Peron's ambitious rise from poverty to First Lady of Argentina. Featuring a renowned musical score including "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina".
Father Of The Bride  
Oil Lamp Theater Father Of The Bride
When Stanley Banks' 21 year old daughter Kay surprises him with the news that she's getting married, Stanley discovers that he's not quite ready to be Father of the Bride. As the guest list grows larger each day, and the costs spiral out of control with the addition of florists, furniture movers, dressmakers and more, the Banks household becomes a scene of matrimonial mayhem. Originally written as a novel in 1949 and adapted for the stage by Caroline Francke in 1951, this beloved and timeless tale has been seen on the big screen multiple times (once with Spencer Tracy as the titular father and later starring Steve Martin), and now you can enjoy this funny and touching play live on the stage of the Oil Lamp Theater. Don't be surprised if there's a bouquet toss, and be sure to leave some room for the wedding cake that will be served at each performance!
MPAACT at The Greenhouse Theater Center Feral
Young black activist Francis Xavier -- known to his friends as FX -- has been waging a politically-motivated graffiti campaign, spraying the word "FERAL" on the sides of buildings all over the city. In the heat of a late July night, FX is caught in a moment of violence with the local police. The resulting controversy engulfs the city and the country, with FX's friends, family and members of his movement pulled into the fray. But will all this commotion overshadow the complex ideas FX hoped to communicate? FERAL at Chicago's Greenhouse Theater Center is a raw and topical look at youth, idealism and desperation.
The Few  
Steep Theatre The Few
Four years ago, Bryan walked away from his life, his lover, and his labor of love - a magazine for long distance truckers. Now, he's back, without explanation and without answers, looking to finish what he couldn't on the road. In an anonymous highway town, The Few pulls together the pieces of lives filled with loss.
Fight Quest  
The Public House Theatre Fight Quest
If you're a fan of video games, live theater and intense fight choreography -- who isn't? -- you'll go nuts for Fight Quest, a choose your own adventure theatrical experience at Chicago's Public House Theatre. In this production by Otherworld Theatre, one lucky audience member is selected to choose his character -- Barbarian, Ranger, Monk or Rogue -- and then "play" them by giving guidance and directions as the character fights their way through a quest to liberate a town from bandits. Intrigue, choices and plenty of top-notch fight choreography await you in Fight Quest.
Flanagan's Wake  
Chicago Theatre Works Flanagan's Wake
Flanagan's Wake transports the audience to the fictional town of Grapplin, County Sligo, Ireland, where local roustabout, Flanagan, has died. Here they meet an eclectic cast of characters including Fiona Finn, Flanagan's spirited fiancee of 22 years, Brian Ballybunion, his best friend and drinking mate, Father Damon Fitzgerald, the sharp-tongued parish priest, Mayor O'Doul, the town mayor and bartender, the innocent Mother Flanagan and several other colorful citizens. The mourners pay their respects to the deceased in the Irish tradition (with a quick stop at the pub first).
The Flick  
Steppenwolf Theatre The Flick
Three underpaid employees sweep up stale popcorn in a run-down movie house called The Flick, one of the last theaters in Massachusetts still projecting 35mm films. For Avery, this isnít a dead-end job. Itís a way to get closer to the art form he loves. Passionate debates about cinema lead to a friendship of sorts with co-workers Sam and Rose. But will their tentative bond survive as they reveal what they actually need from each other? The Flick is a heartfelt cry for the kind of authentic connection we all want, even if weíre a little afraid of it.
Fool Me Twice, Deja Vu  
Second City Fool Me Twice, Deja Vu
Fool Me Twice, Deja Vu takes you on an uproarious exploration of intuition. Have you been here before? Should you do anything different? Or are mistakes what make us grow? In this ever changing world there are still significant transformations to be made. Take a gleeful glance into funny mothers, millennials, christian media and contemporary nostalgia as you get fooled twice and come back to be fooled again.
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum  
Citadel Theatre Company A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Travel to ancient Rome and experience the wild antics of the mischievous slave Pseudolus in Stephen Sondheim's laugh-out-loud musical A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. This slapstick romp sings and dances its way through mistaken identities, a house full of courtesans and an elaborate web of lies -- all adding up to one uproarious night of theater. The winner of six Tony Awards, Forum is one of the funniest musicals ever written, seamlessly merging situations from timeless Roman comedies with the fast-paced, slapstick energy of classic vaudeville. Step into Citadel Theatre and enjoy classic show tunes like "Lovely," "Bring Me My Bride" and the Broadway favorite "Comedy Tonight."
The Gospel According To Thomas Jefferson, Charles Dickens and Count Leo Tolstoy: Discord  
Northlight Theatre The Gospel According To Thomas Jefferson, Charles Dickens and Count Leo Tolstoy: Discord
What do a Founding Father, a Victorian novelist and a Russian revolutionary have in common? Not much, but each of these notoriously great minds was once brazen enough to pen his own Gospel. Brought together, they debate the meaning of life and the nature of God in a whip-smart comedy that illuminates the brilliance, flaws and humor of three unforgettable philosophers. This new play comes from Scott Carter, the Executive Producer/Writer of Real Time with Bill Maher.

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