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Mai Dang Lao Mar 6 - Apr 10, 2016  
Sideshow Theatre Company at Victory Gardens Theater - Biograph Mai Dang Lao
There's a correct order to everything when you work in the fast food industry. That's why Sophie's such a problem for her bosses: her attitude and aloofness threaten the food chain. But when a phone call from the local police warns of a crime committed in the restaurant, Sophie's coworkers are given permission to restore proper balance and set things in their place. A mordant and terrifying world premiere based on true events, MAI DANG LAO examines the ways we all get trapped, and what we're capable of doing when someone lets us.
42nd Street Mar 8 - Mar 20, 2016  
Cadillac Palace Theatre 42nd Street
With book by Michael Stewart and Mark Bramble, music by Harry Warren and lyrics by Al Dubin, 42nd STREET is based on a novel by Bradford Ropes and Busby Berkeley's 1933 movie and tells the story of a starry-eyed young dancer named Peggy Sawyer who leaves her Allentown home and comes to New York to audition for the new Broadway musical Pretty Lady. When the leading lady breaks her ankle, Peggy takes over and becomes a star.
Long Day's Journey Into Night Mar 10 - Apr 10, 2016  
Court Theatre Long Day's Journey Into Night
Court Theatre is thrilled to deepen its relationship with playwright David Auburn as he directs one of the greatest plays penned in the twentieth century, Eugene O'Neill's masterpiece Long Day's Journey Into Night. As a once bright morning fades slowly into a dreary fog of evening in the Tyrone household, members of the family crash together and pull apart inside a web of long-held suffering, buried secrets, and unspoken trauma. As powerful as it is poignant, Long Day's Journey into Night offers a searing depiction of a family as they struggle to heal themselves and forgive each other.
Dangerous Mar 10 - Apr 3, 2016  
The Cuckoo's Theater Project at Prop Theatre Dangerous
In this stylish update of the classic French drama Les Liaisons Dangereuses, all the scheming and backstabbing aristocrats from the original story are now A-list gay men on the move. Once again, the cunningly deceptive Valmont attempts to deflower an innocent as a challenge from his ex-lover, while falling madly in love with an honorable and God-fearing man. What follows is a dangerous game of lust, seduction and betrayal. This adaptation of the original was done by Tom Smith and is performed at Chicago's The Prop Thtr by The Cuckoo's Theater Project.
Butler Mar 11 - Apr 17, 2016  
Northlight Theatre Butler
Early in the Civil War, three escaped slaves arrive at a Union fort to seek sanctuary from Major General Butler. Despite the conflict between the states, law requires that the slaves be returned to their rightful owner. Seeking a solution that satisfies both ethics and duty, Butler embarks on a battle of words and wits, calling into question what is legal versus what is right in a captivating story based on actual events
Rent Mar 11 - May 1, 2016  
Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre at No Exit Cafe Rent
The rock-infused score by Jonathan Larson will be performed in the intimate No Exit Cafe; a venue with more than a slight resemblance to the Life Cafe, the musical's setting for its first act finale. Scott Weinstein, director of Griffin's Titanic, and Seussical the Musical at Chicago Shakespeare will direct. Daniel Spagnuolo, choreographer of Kokandy Productions' The Full Monty will choreograph. Ramey will be music director.
after all the terrible things i do Mar 11 - Apr 10, 2016  
About Face Theatre at Theater Wit after all the terrible things i do
This gripping and intimate new play from one of American theatre's rising stars explores the dark side of ordinary people, second chances and the price of forgiveness. Returning to his Midwestern hometown after college, Daniel, a young gay writer, takes a job at the local bookstore he knew as a child. After he and Linda, the Filipina bookstore owner, begin working together, they discover they share a dark connection that goes much deeper than a love of literature.
Recent Tragic Events Mar 11 - Apr 10, 2016  
Interrobang Theatre Project at Athenaeum Theatre Recent Tragic Events
A dark comedy set in Minneapolis on the evening of Sept. 12, 2001. Andrew, an awkward, yet endearing airport bookstore manager and Waverly, an attractive advertising executive, are meant to go on a blind-date. But as Waverly becomes increasingly distracted trying to reach her sister, a NYC resident who's been unaccounted for since 9/11, the date begins to unravel. Questions of fate versus free will, shocking coincidences and unexpected visits lead to one bizarre turn after another in this existential exploration.
Mary-Kate Olsen Is In Love Mar 13 - Mar 29, 2016  
The Comrades at Apollo Theater Mary-Kate Olsen Is In Love
Grace is 27, married to her high-school sweetheart, makes good money, and should be way happier than she is. But her husband lost his job and now all he does is play Xbox and smoke pot and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen might be her best friends but maybe they only like her because she's their new target demographic. Or maybe...they're actually going to save her. A funny play about sad people.
West Side Story Mar 16 - Apr 24, 2016  
Paramount Theatre West Side Story
West Side Story is a Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim masterpiece and arguably one of the greatest love stories ever told in a musical. Prepare to be astounded when Paramount Artistic Director Jim Corti, fresh from his Jeff Award wins for Best Musical and Director for last season's Les Miserables, brings West Side Story to his theater's beautiful Art Deco stage.
Arcadia Mar 16 - Apr 24, 2016  
Writers Theatre Arcadia
In the heart of a 19th century English country estate awash in secret desires, illicit affairs and professional rivalries, a brilliant young student proposes an earthshaking scientific theory. Two hundred years later at that same estate, academic adversaries Hannah and Bernard race to unravel the enticing mysteries left behind in a heated battle for intellectual and sexual dominance. Part detective story and part comedy of manners, Tom Stoppard's elegant, time-jumping masterpiece forges a complex comedy of wit, romance, poetry, sex and scientific theory, introducing characters whose lives and passions intersect across the centuries.
Christina, The Girl King Mar 17 - Apr 10, 2016  
The Frontier Christina, The Girl King
17th Century. Christina. Girl King of Sweden. After 30 years of war, Christina is pushing her people to become a forward thinking nation, armed by the power of her crown and whip-smart intellect. But when an unspeakable passion begins to burn underneath her androgynous visage, the Girl King's power is put to the test. Should she meet the demands of her country and birth its next heir? Can she fight the established patriarchy to rule as her own woman? Will she change? Or will she change the world around her? One thing is certain: each choice she makes will forever change her identity, and could mean certain death for the woman that she loves.
Where Did We Sit on the Bus? Mar 17 - Apr 10, 2016  
Teatro Vista at Victory Gardens Theater - Biograph Where Did We Sit on the Bus?
During a third grade lesson on the Civil Rights movement and Rosa Parks, a Latino boy raises his hand to ask "Where did we sit on the bus?" and his teacher can't answer the question. Told through rap, hip-hop, spoken word and live looping, Brian Quijada's autobiographical "Where Did We Sit on the Bus?" is an electric one-man show that examines what it means to be Latino in America.
The Bachelors Mar 17 - Apr 10, 2016  
Cole Theatre at The Greenhouse Theater Center The Bachelors
Inside a house on a fraternity row live three roommates far past their college days. It's Friday evening, and Laurie (Shane Kenyon) has just returned from a business trip, buddy Kevlar (Nicholas Bailey) is already wasted and cellular biologist Henry (Boyd Harris) is just getting started to party. A thousand girlfriends come and gone, a thousand drinks downed, a thousand parties crashed - every night the same, until now. There's a party tonight, but it is not the blaring music that makes sleep impossible. Tonight, these bachelors will understand what their choices have really gotten them.
Adding Machine: A Musical Mar 18 - May 15, 2016  
The Hypocrites at The Den Theatre Adding Machine: A Musical
ADDING MACHINE: A Musical tells the story of Mr. Zero, a modern-day everyman. He hates his wife, he hates his job, he hates his lot in life. After a lifetime spent adding figures for the same company, he comes to work one day only to find he's been replaced by a machine. ADDING MACHINE: A Musical is an expressionistic story of murder, salvation, and internalized oppression.
Dancing in the Streets Mar 18  
Rosemont Theatre Dancing in the Streets
In the 1960s, record label Motown played a major role in the integration of popular music as one of the first African American-owned record companies to achieve widespread crossover success. Motown's distinct blend of soul music with a pop influence came to be known as the Motown Sound, and proved to be so popular that Motown claimed 79 records in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 between 1960 and 1969. In Dancing in the Streets at Chicago's Rosemont Theatre, a talented cast and band brings to life the biggest hits of the Motown era, including songs by The Four Tops, The Temptations, The Supremes, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder.
Magic Tree House: A Night in New Orleans Mar 19 - Apr 10, 2016  
Emerald City Theatre Company at Broadway Playhouse Magic Tree House: A Night in New Orleans
Beloved Magic Tree House characters, Jack and Annie, venture through the tuneful streets of 1915 New Orleans, where they discover 14-year-old Louis Armstrong and must set him on the trumpeting path to become the "King of Jazz." This triumphant tale explores a world where possibilities are endless and stirs the soul of the Jazz Age.

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