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A Swarm of Spoilers Apr 3 - May 29, 2015  
Under The Gun Theater A Swarm of Spoilers
Whether you're Team Tyrion, or a Daenerys diehard, odds are you're overly eager to dive into season five of HBO's Game of Thrones. Before the newest round of power plays, double-crosses and gory fates unfold, get your fantasy fix with A Swarm of Spoilers, Under The Gun Theater's unofficial parody "recapitation" of the award-winning series. The spoof breaks down all the sex, drama and battles of the first 4 seasons. You'll be transported from Chicago directly to Westeros and Essos as this production crams in as many of the hit show's characters and plots as it can fit into a single hour of comedy. Plus, A Swarm of Spoilers dares to kill off the characters that George R.R. Martin let's live.
Badfic Love Apr 3 - May 2, 2015  
Strange Bedfellows Theatre at The Den Theatre Badfic Love
By day Kyle is a lowly sales associate at Staples, but by night he is part of an elite organization that scours the internet to keep it safe from the writers of bad fanfiction. When he becomes obsessed with a Harry Potter badfic and falls for the group's public enemy #1, his love life and the fate of the entire plot continuum are at stake. Meanwhile, inside the badfic, the characters formerly known as Harry and Draco race to understand who they are as their narrative goes increasingly off the rails. Part Pirandello and part Joss Whedon, Badfic Love asks the question: "what if the writer telling your story never disappeared, but is just really, really, REALLY terrible?"
D-List: The Unsung Heroes of the Magical Kingdom Apr 3 - Apr 25, 2015  
The Public House Theatre D-List: The Unsung Heroes of the Magical Kingdom
You probably don't have to work hard to remember Simba, Ariel or Aladdin. But have you ever wondered what happened behind the scenes when Simba was reclaiming the throne? Or whether Ariel's collection was truly complete? Or if the "whole new world" was really all that new? "D-List" is putting the Princesses in the backseat and taking a ride with the forgotten faces of you favorite childhood movies, answering questions that have been nagging at us since the dawn of VHS.
Everything is Awful Apr 3 - Apr 24, 2015  
The Public House Theatre Everything is Awful
For those times when you find yourself at a cult party instead of a Colts party, or wearing only a diaper while vomiting milk onto your best friend, Dandy Boy is there. Directed by Rachel Mason, the masters of absurd-yet-insightful sketch are bringing a whole new show to life with "Everything Is Awful." Travel to the Champs Élysees where two French mimes save the day when an American tourist goes into labor. Witness the hope and heartbreak as a Pig in the Big City navigates a slew of awkward first dates. And get ready for the ultimate showdown as the best wrestler in the world fights with his surly father over an extension on his bedtime. Fridays in April are bound to be an adventure between satire and slapstick, period pieces and gross out gags, as only Dandy Boy can do.
Orange is the New Comeback Apr 4 - Apr 25, 2015  
The Public House Theatre Orange is the New Comeback
The claws come out, and Swift is thrown between rivalries and alliances with the Tabloids' drama queens. Natasha Lyonne shows her the ropes, including the best ways to avoid the leering Pornstache. Courtney Love has her "hot seat" waiting in her salon, while Paula Deen heads the kitchen, ready to cut a b****. Scheming Lindsay Lohan and her "Simply Life" lackeys, Paris and Nicole lurk in the chapel, ready to call on their "savior" to give them an edge. "Crazy Tongue" Cyrus twerks and pens love letters to Swift in utility closets, and Katy Perry tries to keep a cool head as everyone battles for a deal they can't refuse: She who survives to the end gets to win back America's hearts with her own reality show documenting her return to health and stardom. Mostly stardom.
Penelope, O Penelope Apr 6 - May 17, 2015  
Theatre Y at St. Luke's Lutheran Church Penelope, O Penelope
Named the best French creation of 2008, PENELOPE, O PENELOPE comes out of Homer's Odyssey, told from the modern day perspective of the hero's devoted and lonesome wife. In this new translation by artistic director Melissa Lorraine, Dinah awaits her husband's return from war after twenty years, with a vengeful suitor hungry at her door. Elias-the war-riddled, hero-turned-vagabond-searches for redemption from his bloodshed and a way home from spirits and memories alike.
The Day John Henry Came to School Apr 7 - May 16, 2015  
The Theatre School at DePaul University at Merle Reskin Theatre The Day John Henry Came to School
John Henry loves technology, but doesn't love doing his homework. If buttons and gadgets are not involved, he's not interested. When his teacher, Mr. Gellert, is replaced by a mega-computer, Johnny couldn't be happier. Then his steel-driving great-great-grandfather arrives for show-and-tell, and Johnny must take on the challenge of his life! This contemporary tale focuses on the value of hard work and the strength of the human spirit.
Anything Goes Apr 8 - May 31, 2015  
Marriott Theatre In Lincolnshire Anything Goes
Anything Goes is a willfully silly tale of love, deception and celebrity chasing on the high seas remains a crowd pleaser. Love and infatuation fill the air aboard the opulent S.S. American, but things are far from smooth sailing for an unusual array of passengers making their way across the Atlantic. The funny and fast-paced story follows evangelist-turned-nightclub singer Reno Sweeney en route from New York to London and her pal, young Wall Street broker Billy Crocker, who is stowed away to be near his love, American debutante "Hope Harcourt". A series of mistaken identities and good old-fashioned blackmail ensue as Reno and gangster-on-the-run Moonface Martin, join forces to help Billy in his quest to win Hope's heart and break off her engagement to the wealthy Lord Evelyn Oakleigh.
Red Handed Otter Apr 9 - May 24, 2015  
A Red Orchid Theatre Red Handed Otter
Not long ago, Paul had a girlfriend, a cat, and few complaints. Now? Well, at least he's got his health. In between shifts at their security guard posts, Paul's work buddies try to cheer him up. In this comedy by one of New York's hottest emerging playwrights, Paul's friends' awkward (and hilarious) attempts to console him may just prove that some comforts only come on four legs.
The Grown-up Apr 9 - May 23, 2015  
Shattered Globe Theatre at Theater Wit The Grown-up
Kai is a ten-year-old boy at his grandfather's knee listening to a story of a magic doorknob. Jump 25 years into the future to his doomed book "pitch" in LA. Jump in time again as he watches the caterer streak through his wedding reception. Has Kai run into powerful magic or has he just realized the breakneck speed of an ordinary life and what he might have missed? The Grown-Up is a magical, sad and funny adventure about how to survive growing up.
Spring Awakening Apr 9 - Apr 26, 2015  
Fearless Theatre at Charnel House Chicago Spring Awakening
In this newly revamped version of Frank Wedekind’s 1891 play, a group of classmates gather for a party in an abandoned mortuary. As the festivities progress, the students are forced to navigate a maze of adolescence and are ultimately left with the choice between walking the same path as their parents or forging their own.
Billy Elliot The Musical Apr 10 - Jun 7, 2015  
Drury Lane- Oakbrook Billy Elliot The Musical
Set during the 1984-85 U.K. miners' strike in a small working class town in the English countryside, young Billy discovers a passion for ballet and trades in his boxing gloves for dancing shoes. As he struggles against the odds to make his dream of becoming a dancer come true, Billy inspires his family and whole community, changing their lives forever. This joyous celebration of one boy's journey defying convention to follow his heart is a must-see theatrical experience.
Carousel Apr 10 - May 3, 2015  
Lyric Opera Carousel
Experience Rodgers and Hammerstein's Carousel, which Time magazine called the best musical of the century. Swaggering, carefree carnival barker Billy captivates and marries naive millworker Julie. Losing his job just as he learns that Julie is pregnant, Billy, desperate to provide a decent life for his family, is coerced into being an accomplice to a robbery. Caught in the act and facing prison, he takes his own life and is sent "up there." Returning to earth for one day 15 years later, Billy encounters the daughter he never knew. A lonely, friendless teenager, her father's reputation as a thief and a bully has haunted her throughout her young life. How Billy instills in both the child and her mother a sense of hope and dignity is a dramatic testimony to the power of love. It's easy to understand why, of all the shows they created, Carousel was Rodgers and Hammerstein's personal favorite.
Vent Apr 10 - May 29, 2015  
Under The Gun Theater Vent
The Under The Gun Ensemble takes a review we found on the popular website and we improvise within that location for an hour. We create all the weird and wonderful (and bad) things the review tells us about.
The Glass Menagerie Apr 10 - Apr 26, 2015  
Color Box Theatre at Royal George Theatre The Glass Menagerie
Few theatrical debuts have trumpeted a writer's genius louder than The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams' first successful play and the one that catapulted him from obscurity to acclaim. This haunting drama centers on a family -- the devoted but overbearing matriarch Amanda Wingfield, her poet son Tom, and his sickly and extremely shy sister Laura -- struggling to find happiness in their dingy St. Louis apartment during the Depression. A faded remnant of Southern gentility, Amanda is anchored to a bygone era and her insecurities and disappointments make her incapable of allowing her children the freedom to live their own lives. The arrival of a gentleman caller promises hope for the future, but instead their carefully constructed illusions come crashing around them. Full of poetic longing and inspired by Williams' own experiences as a young man in St. Louis, this iconic American classic now comes to the Royal George Theatre.
Between You, Me and the Lampshade Apr 11 - May 10, 2015  
Teatro Vista at Victory Gardens Theater - Biograph Between You, Me and the Lampshade
In Between You, Me and the Lampshade the lives of Jesse, a single mother (Sandra Marquez), and her teenage son (Tommy Rivera-Vega) are turned upside down one night when a wounded, undocumented immigrant (Ayssette Muñoz) breaks into their trailer home in rural South Texas. As Jesse covertly takes in the immigrant, she has to go to increasingly complicated lengths to hide her secret from the various people in her life, including a border protection agent (Jim Farruggio) with a crush and her web-addicted teenage son. Hilarious and searing, this play examines the consequences of secrets.
Hamlet's House Apr 11 - May 31, 2015  
The Public House Theatre Hamlet's House
Hamlet is the guy who lives in Apartment 2B. And by "guy," we mean "big, fluffy dog" who loves to play. Flip is his human best friend with a brilliant imagination, and together, they have adventures that can take them anywhere. On this one particular morning, Hamlet wakes up and starts playing with his toys, in his usual, fantastical way. Flip shows up, and they embark on an incredible journey. Will the visit the Invisible Kitchen, or fly off to the farthest reaches of Outer Space? What new and interesting friends will they meet along the way? Maybe Kresge the Handyman, Libby the Scientist, or someone famous like The Three Little Pigs.

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