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Design for Living Oct 22 - Nov 22, 2015  
Rivendell Theatre Design for Living
Noel Coward, truly the master of sophisticated 20th-century English comedy, was censured in 1933 for this hilarious and urbane look at love, friendship and the joys and perils of fame. Filled with Coward's trademark sparkling wit, Design for Living follows three glamorous bohemians -- Gila, Leo and Otto -- as they fall in and out of love with each other. Restlessly on the move from Paris to London to New York, the three both pursue and repel each other in an increasingly maddening love triangle. This Pride Films & Play production plays in Chicago at Rivendell Theater.
Arsenic and Old Lace Oct 23 - Nov 15, 2015  
Saint Sebastian Players at St. Bonaventure Church Arsenic and Old Lace
In this beloved comedy, two Victorian sisters are known throughout Brooklyn for their virtues, eccentricities and charitable acts. What their neighbors don't know is the sweet ladies are knocking off lonely old men with homemade elderberry wine splashed with arsenic. When the sisters' nephew Mortimer comes home for a visit, his aunts' misdeeds and the schemes of his two insane brothers are uncovered. Adding to the chaos are a failed plastic surgeon and several cops making frequent, unexpected visits. Murder seems to be the family's M.O., and the harassed Mortimer may drive himself crazy scrambling to cover up the crimes and keep everyone from serving time.
Creature Oct 23 - Nov 7, 2015  
Dandelion Theatre at The Side Project Creature
Set in England in 1401 but told in a modern style, 'Creature' is loosely based on the autobiography of Margery Kempe. Margery has been tormented by visions of the Devil for the better part of a year but now, after seeing a vision of Jesus, she has decided to become a saint. Her husband is unconvinced by her new-found asceticism, the village priests have all given up on her, and her own housemaid thinks she's possessed. Can Margery's saintly ambitions be trusted? 'Creature' explores the nature of faith and identity with "simplicity, contemporary zing and lyrical flights of startling loveliness" (Time Out New York).
Alice In Wonderland Oct 23 - Nov 25, 2015  
Chicago Kids Company at Beverly Arts Center Alice In Wonderland
Discover the magic of Wonderland alongside Alice. Meet characters who grow "curiouser and curiouser," including the White Rabbit, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, the Cheshire Cat, and the Queen of Hearts. All CKC shows feature audience participation and run for one hour with no intermission. Alice in Wonderland is targeted for children from 2 to 8 years old.
Sumeida's Song Oct 23 - Nov 8, 2015  
Third Eye Theatre Ensemble at Prop Theatre Sumeida's Song
Third Eye Theatre Ensemble is ushering in its second season with this 60-minute, four character opera that examines social justice on a global scale. Based on the Egyptian play Song of Death, this one act opera is the story of a woman seeking retribution for the murder of her husband. Asakir has waited 17 years for her son, Alwan, to avenge her husband's death. Alwan's university education causes him to question whether he can be a violent man. Now Alwan must decide if he will restore his family's honor and fulfill his mother's only wish.
The Director's Haven Oct 24 - Nov 4, 2015  
Haven Theatre at Flat Iron Arts Building The Director's Haven
The Director's Haven, dedicated to putting early-career directors at the forefront, consists of three one-act plays produced in repertory, each helmed by one of Haven's pilot year emerging directors. The productions include Weird Kids directed by Monty Cole; Carrie and Francine directed by Arianna Soloway and Jane Doe 232 by JD Caudill.
R+J: The Vineyard Oct 24 - Nov 21, 2015  
Oracle Theatre R+J: The Vineyard
R+J: THE VINEYARD is set in 1890's Martha's Vineyard where a unique deaf/hearing bilingual agricultural community gave way to a budding tourism industry. Intense cultural lines are drawn between hearing and non-hearing as land, lifestyle, and livelihoods ignite the Capulet and Montague families. This beautiful and physical production is both spoken and performed in American Sign Language and intended for all audiences.
Spill Oct 24 - Dec 19, 2015  
TimeLine Theatre Company Spill
Spill is a riveting human drama drawn from hundreds of interviews with fishermen and rig workers, oil industry executives and clean-up workers, environmentalists and families who lost loved ones in the Deepwater Horizon explosion.
Mr. Popper's Penguins Oct 24 - Nov 29, 2015  
Lifeline Theatre Mr. Popper's Penguins
Money is tight and times are tough in the town of Stillwater. With no houses to paint till next spring, Mr. Popper is stuck at home daydreaming of adventures in far-off lands, while Mrs. Popper must scrimp and save just to put beans on the table. But with the unexpected arrival of a spirited penguin named Captain Cook, a new horizon opens before them. As a quiet partnership expands into a boisterous flock, the Poppers learn that there's no problem that can't be solved with steady determination, lots of love, and a dash of unconventionality. Join this offbeat family on an unforgettable adventure in a world premiere musical based on the 1938 classic by Richard and Florence Atwater.
The Greatest Story Never Told Oct 24 - Dec 19, 2015  
Under The Gun Theater The Greatest Story Never Told
The Greatest Story Never Told begins with an underprepared narrator who opens a storybook only to discover it has no text. The solution is the audience must help create and perform an original story made up on the spot along with "The Greatest Interns" (professional improvisers). Suggestions for location, character and plot are taken throughout the entire show as volunteer performers of all ages are invited on stage to perform a 4560 minute improvised story. A professional writer and artist create text and illustrations from the show and the story is ultimately transformed into a purchasable storybook.
Political Vagenda Oct 25 - Nov 10, 2015  
Stockyards Theatre Projec at The Public House Theatre Political Vagenda
Nothing is more political than being a woman in 2015. Women's bodies and what they do with them have been the subject in legal battles all the way to the Supreme Court. With the political arena gearing up for what promises to be a wild election year, Stockyards Theatre Project is preparing a sketch comedy review to poke holes in some ideals and ideas with the new show, "Political Vagenda."
Chapter Two Oct 28 - Dec 20, 2015  
Windy City Playhouse Chapter Two
Neil Simon's comedy classic is based on the playwright's real-life courtship with his second wife, actress Marsha Mason. In Chapter Two, widowed spy novelist George Schneider (McCaskill) thinks he will never date again, especially after his pushy younger brother Leo (DeFaria) sets him up with a few duds. Enter Jennie (Amy Rubenstein), a soap opera actress with a sensitive side who just might be able to bring George back into the light. Completing the cast in this sparkling rom-com is Faye (Carle), Jennie's neurotic married friend. Simon's Chapter Two was nominated for a 1978 Tony Award for Best Play (ultimately awarded to Da by Hugh Leonard).
belladonna luna sonata Oct 29 - Nov 21, 2015  
The Plagiarists at The Frontier belladonna luna sonata
On an island estate, an aging maestro (tended by his mysterious butler) shares with a humble gardener his story of a life lived for music - oh, and the time he tried to destroy the world. A melanchomedy about music, lost love, memory, and literally world-shattering art.
White Christmas, the Musical Oct 29 - Jan 3, 2016  
Drury Lane- Oakbrook White Christmas, the Musical
Celebrate the holiday season with Irving Berlin's White Christmas, the merry and bright stage production based on the classic silver screen romantic comedy. When two former Army buddies, who are now Broadway performers, follow a sister act booked at a charming Vermont Inn, they soon discover that it is owned by their former commander. With no snow and no customers, the General is nearly bankrupt. To save the lodge, the two acts team up and put on a festive show packed with Irving Berlin favorites like Blue Skies, Count Your Blessings, I Love a Piano, and, of course, White Christmas. White Christmas is joyful entertainment for the entire family and will have audiences dreaming of tree tops glistening and sleigh bells in the snow.
The Pillowman Oct 29 - Nov 1, 2015  
Madison Street Theatre The Pillowman
The ghoulish pleasure of a well-told "scary story" reaches its pinnacle in The Pillowman, a shocking and disconcerting play birthed from the mind of Martin McDonagh (In Bruges). Set in an interrogation room within an unnamed totalitarian state, the story follows the fiction writer Katurian who is under the interrogation of two detectives. A string of child murders have plagued the city and the main suspect is none other than the author himself -- whose short stories bear a striking similarity to the gruesome crimes. Both horrifying and humorous, this riveting new production places you at the center of its disturbing world with a fully interactive theater experience. You won't want to miss out on all of the The Pillowman's scares and laughs as this black comedy unfolds before your very eyes at Oak Park's Madison Street Theatre.
The 4th Graders Present An Unnamed Love-Suicide Oct 30 - Nov 8, 2015  
The Hypocrites at The Den Theatre The 4th Graders Present An Unnamed Love-Suicide
Fourth grader Johnny shoots himself, leaving behind a play as a suicide note that the kids in his class are forced to perform as a memorial. As friends and bullies assume the roles of Johnny and his classmates, a heartbreaking, darkly curious story emerges, offering a glimpse into the motivation behind Johnny's actions.
The Firestorm Oct 30 - Nov 29, 2015  
Stage Left Theatre at Theater Wit The Firestorm
Gaby and Patrick, an interracial political power couple hot on the campaign trail, are thrust into the center of a media frenzy when a racially charged incident from Patrick's past surfaces. As the pressure intensifies, the political becomes explosively personal and the foundation of their seemingly picture-perfect marriage begins to fracture.

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