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Beatlemania May 7 - May 28, 2017  
Under The Gun Theater Beatlemania
It's the mid-'60s, and day by day -- unforgettable song by unforgettable song -- John, Paul, George and Ringo are taking the entire pop culture world by storm. In Beatlemania, the boys are only hours away from taking the stage when something odd occurs, prompting their manager, Brian Epstein, to ask the Fab Four what they've gone and gotten themselves into. Thus unfolds an untold story of the lads from Liverpool. Catch Beatlemania all over again at Chicago's Under the Gun Theater.
American Hero May 8 - Jun 3, 2017  
First Floor Theater at The Den Theatre American Hero
At a toasted subs franchise in the local mall, three up-and-coming "sandwich artists"-a teenager, a single mom, and a downsized refugee from corporate banking-are perfecting the mustard-to-cheese ratio according to the company manual. But when their shot at the American dream is interrupted by a series of strange events, they become unlikely allies in a post-recession world. AMERICAN HERO is a supersized dark comedy about life, liberty and the pursuit of sandwiches.
Relativity May 11 - Jun 18, 2017  
Northlight Theatre Relativity
In 1902 Albert and Mileva Einstein had a baby daughter. After 1904 she was never seen or spoken of again. Forty years later, a reporter interviews Einstein about this mysterious piece of his past, revealing shocking secrets about his family and his personal life. While the reporter questions Einstein on his theory of relativity and his decisions, she also poses a query of her own: to be a great man, does one first need to be a good man?
Harvey May 11 - Jun 11, 2017  
Court Theatre Harvey
Elwood P. Dowd is a pleasant man with a unique friend, Harvey-who happens to be an invisible, six-foot, three-inch tall rabbit. Elwood embraces Harvey in his life and introduces him to everyone he meets, thoroughly embarrassing his social-climbing sister, Veta. Questioning his sanity, she decides to have him committed to a sanitarium, but nothing goes quite according to plan. The search is on for the mild-mannered Elwood and his unseen companion.
The Night Season May 11 - Jun 24, 2017  
Strawdog Theatre at Factory Theater The Night Season
When the tiny, seaside home town of W.B. Yeats gets occupied by an English film crew making his biopic, the Kennedys figure giving lodging to the lead actor will put a few extra coins in their pockets. They do get plenty of change, and not just Euros, as the family's three sisters and their delusional grandmother all decide it's time to stop letting life pass them by. The mother who ran away, the father who can barely leave the house, a big pile of pent-up desire, it all gets confronted in this skewed romantic comedy helmed by the director of Sideshow Theatre's No More Sad Things, Stage Left's Rabbit, and Strawdog's Season 28 smash After Miss Julie.
Time Stands Still May 11 - Jun 11, 2017  
AstonRep Theatre Company at Raven Theatre Time Stands Still
TIME STANDS STILL focuses on Sarah and James, a photojournalist and a foreign correspondent trying to find happiness in a world that seems to have gone crazy. Theirs is a partnership based on telling the toughest stories, and together, making a difference. But when their own story takes a sudden turn, the adventurous couple confronts the prospect of a more conventional life. TIME STANDS STILL is a witty, intelligent look at what happens when ordinary life is refracted through the lens of war.
Great Expectations May 11 - Jul 2, 2017  
Remy Bumppo and Silk Road Rising at Chicago Temple Great Expectations
Dickens' beloved tale of aspiration, intrigue, and romance is thrillingly transplanted to a colonized India by award-winning British Bengali playwright Tanika Gupta. When Indian orphan Pip receives a mysterious inheritance, he must choose between his humble rural life and the city life of an English "gentleman." In a vibrant clash of cultures, classes, and conscience, Gupta's brilliant adaptation expands Dickens' enduring question: Is it worth losing who you are for who you might become?
Into the Empty Sky May 11 - Jun 17, 2017  
Trap Door Theatre Into the Empty Sky
Into the Empty Sky, devised and directed by Monica Payne, draws from a selection of Wislawa Szymborska's poems as the catalyst for this new work. Szymborska, a beloved Polish poet and Nobel laureate, tended to view her subjects, both large and small, from an unusual, pragmatic, and wry perspective. Into the Empty Sky features six women trapped in a purgatorial landscape; unsure of their surroundings, haunted by the past, and trying desperately to escape.
The River Bride May 11 - Jun 18, 2017  
Halcyon Theatre at Christ Lutheran Church The River Bride
The River Bride tells the story of Helena, who is dreading her sister's wedding. The groom, Duarte, should have been hers. She knows her sister, Belmira, only wants to escape their quiet Brazilian town for an exciting new life in the city. Three days before the wedding, a mysterious stranger is pulled out of the river-a man with no past who offers both sisters an alluring, possibly dangerous future.
Little Miss Sunshine May 11 - Jun 4, 2017  
Chicago Theatre Workshop at Edge Theatre Little Miss Sunshine
The Hoover family has seen better days. Richard, the father, is a floundering motivational speaker, Grandpa's been kicked out of his retirement home and Uncle Frank's been dumped by his boyfriend. Moody teenager, Dwayne, has taken a vow of silence, and overextended mom, Sheryl, can do little more than slap on a smile. But, when the youngest Hoover... energetic Olive, enters a regional children's beauty pageant, the family thinks that their luck could change and embarks on a cross-country trek, chasing the coveted title of "Little Miss Sunshine."
Dance for Beginners May 11 - Jun 11, 2017  
Piven Theatre Dance for Beginners
Jenni and Jerry, two people entering the third act of their life, are separated by the Pacific Ocean. However, that doesn't stop them from taking their new relationship to the next level in the world-premiere drama Dance for Beginners. In the absence of technology, the two turn to ballroom dancing to bring them closer together. Previously developed at Chicago Dramatists, MT Cozzola's Dance for Beginners now takes the stage of the Piven Theatre in Evanston.
Seminar May 12 - Jun 4, 2017  
Spartan Theatre Company at The Frontier Seminar
Four aspiring novelists spend big money to have their work read, critiqued, and generally annihilated by a prominent and well-traveled figure of literary excellence. Relationships are built, tested, and destroyed and tensions (romantic and otherwise) rise as the writers struggle to thrive under highly irregular instruction.
Things to Ruin: The Songs of Joe Iconis May 12 - Jun 18, 2017  
Refuge Theatre Project at Exit Chicago Things to Ruin: The Songs of Joe Iconis
THINGS TO RUIN is an incendiary collection of song by Kleban and Larson Award Winner Joe Iconis. Originally directed by co-conceiver John Simpkins, THINGS TO RUIN is a theatrical rock concert about human beings who are messy, emotional, drugged up, knocked down, inspired, electric and who don't have nearly enough time to cause the kind of commotion they so desperately need to. Variety called it "So much fun that it's a little overwhelming - 'transporting' is probably the best word!"
Rent May 16 - May 21, 2017  
Ford Oriental Theatre Rent
Written by Jonathan Larson and directed by Michael Greif, Rent is more than a show, itís a phenomenon. This smash-hit theatrical experience transformed how a generation feels about musicals, changed Broadway forever, and inspired a major motion picture. Set in the East Village of New York City, Rent is about being young and learning to survive, falling in love, finding your voice and living for today. Rent has made a lasting mark on Broadway with songs that rock
Hair May 18 - Jul 1, 2017  
Metropolis Performing Arts Centre Hair
Hair celebrates peace and love, taking you back to 1960s New York as young hippies try to make sense of their lives in the shadow of the Vietnam War. As the "tribe" -- a group of politically active bohemian youths -- fight against conscription, Claude has to decide whether to resist the draft as his friends have done, or succumb to the pressures of his parents and conservative America. Hair is filled with unforgettable songs, like "Aquarius," "Let the Sun Shine In" and "Good Morning, Starshine," which all became anthems of the anti-war movement. Filled with unbridled energy and infectious songs, this stunning production at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre in Arlington Heights provides an electrifying look back into '60s hippie counterculture.
The Radiant May 18 - Jun 11, 2017  
Genesis Theatrical Productions at Athenaeum Theatre The Radiant
Set one hundred years ago in Paris, The Radiant centers on the true, tempestuous, and love-torn life of Madame Marie Curie. Widowed at thirty-nine, with two young children to raise and support, she becomes involved in a scandalous affair with her young married assistant, an affair which rocks Paris and nearly costs her her career - and her life. But, she survives this and the great bias against women scientists throughout Europe then and goes on to discover and isolate radium, earn two Nobel Prizes, and revolutionize the world of science forever, ushering in "The Atomic Age" and the first cure for cancer.
The Secrets of Santa Monica: La Boda May 18 - Jun 11, 2017  
Chopin Theatre The Secrets of Santa Monica: La Boda
In the multicultural town of Santa Monica de la Punta Gorda, nothing ever goes as planned. Written and produced by Latinos about the Latino daily experience, The Secrets of Santa Monica: La Boda focuses on the upcoming nuptials of Jenny and Columbo. As a series of comical accidents and miscommunications delay the ceremony, the wedding party shares stories of how this wedding almost never came to be. Be a part of the celebration, and you might just get a chance to join the wedding party on stage. This charming play is performed in both Spanish and English, so all are welcome. see it at Chicago's Chopin Theatre Mainstage.

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