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Geezers Jul 23 - Aug 24, 2014  
Redtwist Theatre Geezers
Company member and resident playwright, Tommy Lee Johnston, who penned the Jeff Nominated and newly published play, Aura, introduces us to some beautiful and wonderful old people who are enjoying their golden years in a retirement home. Young Jack, a pathologically shy, 30-year old man, begins a job there helping the seniors with their daily needs. But it's the geezers who wind up helping Jack with his needs. On his road to an epiphany, Jack learns from the old folks that he must break out of his comfort zone to achieve anything in life. Jack learns to crawl--then walk, then fly--with a wise group of mentors guiding him along. Company member, Jan Ellen Graves directs this unique, funny, heartwarming drama about growth and wisdom, learning and loving, life and death.
The Trail To Oregon! Jul 23 - Aug 3, 2014  
Stage 773 The Trail To Oregon!
The classic computer game The Oregon Trail gets a delightfully faithful stage adaptation -- bandits, dysentery and all. Known for their witty wizardly mash-up A Very Potter Musical, StarKid Productions' latest musical comedy The Trail To Oregon! follows a dysfunctional pioneer family as they fight their way cross-country by covered wagon, hunting, fording rivers and battling snakes, measles, typhoid and other dangers every step of the way. While those who grew up playing the The Oregon Trail game will delight in seeing its unintentionally hilarious grim scenarios unfold onstage, everyone at this show will revel in StarKid's side-splitting show tunes and razor-sharp dialogue.
The Importance Of Being Earnest Jul 24 - Aug 23, 2014  
Oak Park Festival Theatre The Importance Of Being Earnest
"The Truth Is Rarely Pure & Never Simple" - Oscar Wilde's comic masterpiece is a sly, stylish and sparking satire of public appearance and private identity. Jack and Algernon, two wily and witty bachelors at last fall in love yet their happiness depends on if they embrace the importance of being Earnest.
Me, My Mom and Sharmila Tagore Jul 24 - Aug 9, 2014  
Theater Wit Me, My Mom and Sharmila Tagore
Theater Wit presents Me, My Mom and Sharmila Tagore, from dynamic writer-performer Fawzia Mirza. In this heartwarming play, Mirza tackles an issue that's universal for children: how do we get our parents to accept us for who we are, instead of who they dreamed we would be? Me, My Mom and Sharmila Tagore chronicles Mirza's own struggle to connect with her mother as she built a name for herself as a queer actress and activist. Told with humor and deep insight, this journey of self-discovery follows Mirza from her childhood as a Pakistani Muslim in small-town Canada to her adulthood as an actress in the heart of Chicago. Through it all, the two women's shared love for glamorous Bollywood film star Sharmila Tagore serves as a symbol of the familial love that ties them together forever.
Hank Williams: Lost Highway Jul 25 - Aug 31, 2014  
American Blues Theater at The Greenhouse Theater Center Hank Williams: Lost Highway
Follow legendary country singer-songwriter Hank Williams on his lonesome journey from backwoods Alabama to superstardom at the Grand Ole Opry in this song-filled tribute from American Blues Theater. This unforgettable show, which was an off-Broadway hit nominated for three Outer Critics Circle Awards, features over 20 Hank Williams hits including "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry," "Move It on Over," "Jambalaya" and "Hey, Good Lookin'." Charting the rise and fall of the country music icon through song, Hank Williams: Lost Highway highlights Williams' undeniable musical talent and songwriting abilities, and explores the alcohol and drug problems that ultimately got the better of him. This production features a talented cast of performers who have performed on Broadway and beyond, and is staged by the same artistic team behind the 2007 hit production of Oklahoma!
Big Fish Jul 25 - Aug 9, 2014  
Jedlicka Performing Arts Center Big Fish
Based on the celebrated novel by Daniel Wallace and the popular 2003 film directed by Tim Burton, BIG FISH is the fantastical musical tale of Edward Bloom, a traveling salesman who lives life to its fullest... and then some! Edward's incredible, larger-than-life stories thrill everyone around him - most of all, his devoted wife Sandra. But their son Will, about to have a child of his own, is determined to discover the truth behind his father's epic tales.
Take The Cake Jul 25 - Sep 6, 2014  
The Factory Theater at Prop Theatre Take The Cake
What seems like an innocent comedy about girlfriends takes an unexpected turn when it's discovered that there may be something darker than just chocolate in baker Caroline's desserts. Danger, frosting and manslaughter combine in a mad-capped tale of friendship, secrets and balls -- cake balls, that is -- written by and co-starring The Factory Theater casting director Stacie Barra. The female-driven comedy of Bridesmaids meets the mad science of Breaking Bad in this twisted tale of a baker, a blogger and something sinister hiding in a sugary confection.
Hushabye Jul 26 - Aug 23, 2014  
Steppenwolf Theatre Hushabye
With crackling dialogue and heartfelt humor, Tanya Saracho explores what it takes to repair family relationships-especially when you share the blame for the damage. Erika is crazy desperate for her own apartment: so much so that she'll take one sight unseen. Anything to escape Cynthia and Brian, her overprotective sister and her controlling brother-in-law. To be fair, Cynthia has reason to worry. Erika just left rehab and her definition of sobriety is, well...flexible. As Erika fights for her independence, she realizes that kicking the pills was just her first challenge.
Half Price Cosmos Jul 26 - Aug 24, 2014  
Bread & Roses Productions at Athenaeum Theatre Half Price Cosmos
Half Price Cosmos was conceived after the Boston Marathon bombings occurred in April 2013. We had changed in the twelve years since 9/11 and not surprisingly, so had our collective reaction to such tragedy. In that space a provocative question took root: Is it better to behave with quiet civility or could there be transformative value in participating in an explosive conversation? Come. Be a fly on the wall and observe one possible conversation, in one bar, on one night.
Ironbound Jul 28 - Aug 24, 2014  
Steppenwolf Theatre Ironbound
Waiting for a bus in a run-down New Jersey town, Darja-a Polish immigrant-gives her cheating boyfriend a long-deserved tongue-lashing. She's done talking about feelings; it's time to talk money. Over the course of three relationships spanning 22 years, Darja negotiates for her future with men who can offer her love or security, but never both. Martyna Majok's Ironbound is a clear-eyed, compassionate portrait of a woman for whom love might not be enough.
Rick Bayless in Cascabel: Dinner - Daring - Desire Jul 30 - Aug 24, 2014  
Lookingglass Theatre at Goodman Theatre Rick Bayless in Cascabel: Dinner - Daring - Desire
Lookingglass Theatre, Frontera Grill and Silverguy Entertainment present the return of Rick Bayless in Cascabel: Dinner - Daring - Desire, the unforgettable theatrical adventure featuring a sumptuous feast, world-class circus acts, and a tantalizing love story starring celebrity chef Rick Bayless that had Chicago audiences spellbound when it premiered in spring 2011. The extremely limited engagement is co-created by Rick Bayless, Artistic Associate and founder of Silverguy Entertainment Tony Hernandez (Hephaestus, Lookingglass Alice), and Lookingglass Ensemble Member Heidi Stillman (Hephaestus, The Brothers Karamazov, Hard Times).
Okay, Bye Jul 30 - Aug 24, 2014  
Steppenwolf Theatre Okay, Bye
At an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, two thirty-somethings recognize each other from their high school days. Back then, they didn't have much in common: Meg was an "alternative" and Jenny was a "Goody-Goody." But now both their lives are on the brink of implosion. Jenny, sure that Meg's bleak, sardonic humor is just a front, insists that a slumber party is the answer to all their problems. But it's not the 90's anymore, and it might take more than pedicures and Pretty in Pink to fuel a friendship that makes life worth living.
Mike and Seth Jul 31 - Aug 24, 2014  
The Side Project Mike and Seth
As an unexpected snowstorm rages outside, twenty-somethings Mike and Seth pull an all-nighter in a ritzy Dallas hotel on the night before Mike's wedding, hashing through all of life's conundrums, the recent strains on their friendship, and what it means to be alive today.
Churchill Aug 1 - Sep 14, 2014  
SoloChicago at The Greenhouse Theater Center Churchill
Based on Winston Churchill's own writings, Ronald Keaton's one-man show finds the former British prime minister chafing under forced retirement after a shocking loss in the post-World War II election. But when President Harry Truman invites him to speak in the U.S., the famed politician, painter, Nobel Prize-winning author and witty raconteur begins to reflect on his life and times with humor, pride and regret. The inspiring leader who led England through one of its most difficult periods not only shares his political and military history, but also his fondness for whiskey, cigars and women. Keaton's been called one of the city's "top-tier theater veterans" by the Chicago Tribune.
The Coming World Aug 1 - Aug 17, 2014  
The Blind Owl at Prop Theatre The Coming World
Directed by founding artistic director Azar Kazemi, THE COMING WORLD is set in Connecticut in a pre-9/11 America. It tackles issues regarding class, violence, intimacy and the heartbreak that occurs when loving someone is more painful than letting them go.
All Our Tragic Aug 2 - Oct 5, 2014  
The Hypocrites at The Den Theatre All Our Tragic
From the most popular titles to the most rarely produced, experience the 32 surviving Greek tragedies by Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides in one breathtaking and unforgettable theatrical event. ALL OUR TRAGIC builds on the success of The Hypocrites’ 2011 production of Sophocles: Seven Sicknesses, which received critical praise and earned multiple Jeff Awards including Best Production and Best Director. ALL OUR TRAGIC is designed to create a contemporary Festival of Dionysus, the ancient gatherings for which these tragedies were originally crafted – to bring together a daily community to bond, eat food, drink wine and discuss complicated topics of society that we have been wrestling with since the creation of civilization.
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown Aug 2 - Aug 31, 2014  
Theatre-Hikes at Morton Arboretum You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Our first musical since 2009, this production is unique for Theatre-Hikes. Theatre-Hikes is always a great introduction to theatre for young children, for a variety of reasons, partly because Theatre-Hikes performs outdoors, not tied to a chair indoors. This production will be stationary with the hikes taking place before the show and during intermission. For lovers of indoor theatre, this is an introduction to our combination of light exercise, the beauty of nature and entertainment in a 2 act format that is familiar.

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