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Don't Go Gentle May 31 - Jul 12, 2015  
Haven Theatre Company at Theater Wit Don't Go Gentle
Judge Lawrence Driver is a conservative powerhouse on the bench, but a failure at home. Now retired and widowed, and seeking redemption, Judge Driver volunteers to do pro bono legal work with Tanya, a vulnerable ex-con with a troubled teenage son, while working to repair the increasingly complicated relationships with his own adult children. When his newfound generosity is perceived as condescension, Judge Driver runs the risk of losing everything.
The Pied Piper May 31 - Jun 30, 2015  
Strawdog Theatre The Pied Piper
The creators of our hit The Hunting of the Snark and The Just-So-Stories, The Forks & Hope Ensemble, led by Strawdog Ensemble Member, Josh Sobel, bring their innovative, physical, DIY aesthetic to the haunting tunes of Browning's Pied Piper of Hamelin.
Borderlands: Three Chords and the Truth May 31 - Jun 28, 2015  
Underscore Theatre Company at The Frontier Borderlands: Three Chords and the Truth
A new musical, Borderlands asks: how do you change your story? Do you re-write history? Catch a different train? Or just throw yourself headlong into the life you think you want? Borderlands follows the ups and downs of a group of musicians and songwriters, gathered to trade tales in a beat-up bar, and to toast the return of a mysterious friend. Connected in more ways than they can count, they do their best to shore each other up and cheer each other on—all the while taking care not to reveal too many secrets as they stumble to find their own “three chords and the truth."
Once Jun 2 - Jun 7, 2015  
Cadillac Palace Theatre Once
Winner of eight 2012 Tony Awards including BEST MUSICAL, ONCE is a truly original Broadway experience. Featuring an impressive ensemble of actor/musicians who play their own instruments onstage, ONCE tells the enchanting tale of a Dublin street musician who's about to give up on his dream when a beautiful young woman takes a sudden interest in his haunting love songs. As the chemistry between them grows, his music soars to powerful new heights... but their unlikely connection turns out to be deeper and more complex than your everyday romance. Emotionally captivating and theatrically breathtaking, ONCE draws you in from the very first note and never lets go. It's an unforgettable story about going for your dreams... not living in fear... and the power of music to connect all of us.
On Your Feet Jun 2 - Jul 5, 2015  
Ford Oriental Theatre On Your Feet
ON YOUR FEET! is the story of two people who-through an unwavering dedication to one another and their pursuit of the American dream-showcased their talent, their music and their heritage to the world in a remarkable rise to global superstardom. Set to Gloria's chart-topping, smash hits such as "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You, "1-2-3," "Mi Tierra," and "Conga," in addition to new music penned by the Estefans, the show will bring a new sound to Broadway and get audiences on their feet.
Love and Human Remains Jun 4 - Jul 11, 2015  
Cor Theatre at Rivendell Theatre Love and Human Remains
Chicago's summer theater season promises to heat up considerably when Brad Fraser's ground-breaking play, Love and Human Remains, a bawdy, carnal, modern day tale of Chicago thirtysomethings on the hunt for love, sex and acceptance while a serial killer is in their midst, returns to Chicago after a 20+ year absence in a daring new production from Cor Theatre, directed by Ernie Nolan.
A Marvin Hamlisch Songbook Jun 4 - Jul 12, 2015  
Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre at No Exit Cafe A Marvin Hamlisch Songbook
A cabaret of songs by the composer of "The Way We Were," A Chorus Line and many other Broadway musicals and films. A Marvin Hamlisch Songbook will feature new arrangements and musical direction by Aaron Benham, who provided music direction and arrangements for Theo Ubqiue's A Cole Porter Songbook and A Musical Tribute to the Andrews Sisters and was music director for Theo's Always... Patsy Cline.
Titus Andronicus Jun 4 - Jul 30, 2015  
The Public House Theatre Titus Andronicus
"Titus Andronicus" is not William Shakespeare's most popular play, but when it is mounted, it makes a powerful statement. The story is a simple and grotesque portrait of the perversions of power, revenge and the consequences of our primal fear of "The Other." A legendary general takes a foreign queen captive, slaughters her oldest son, and sets off a chain of events which sees his own daughter violated and disfigured, and the Queen's remaining, offending sons baked into a pie.
Home Free! Jun 4 - Jun 25, 2015  
Gorilla Tango Theatre Home Free!
Lawrence and Joanna, a brother and sister in their mid-twenties, have cut themselves off from the world "outside," living in a cluttered playroom which they share with two imaginary companions, "Edna" and "Claypone." Surrounded by toys, including a miniature Ferris wheel, they have created an atmosphere of almost suffocating intimacy and remove, where play becomes the business of life and reality an alien force to be kept at bay. But life intrudes all the same, and their fantasies have betrayed them into Joanna's pregnancy.
Hot Nights Jun 4 - Jun 25, 2015  
The Public House Theatre Hot Nights
Turns out running a speakeasy ain't so easy. Just ask Audrey and Maxine who run a successful (albeit totally illegal) gin joint in Prohibition-era Chicago in Hot Nights. In this exciting new work by Kimberly V. Banks and Briane Goodrum, the two protagonists must use all of their wiles to deal with racists, sexists, powerful gangsters, crooked coppers and their own colorful customers. Join them on their quest for economic and social independence -- during a time when both are in short supply for African-American women -- during this poignant and pointed stage piece filled with comedy, music and dance. Banks and Goodrum star in a production directed by Ric Walker.
Abraham Lincoln Was A F*gg*t Jun 5 - Jul 5, 2015  
About Face Theatre at The Greenhouse Theater Center Abraham Lincoln Was A F*gg*t
Cal thinks his favorite president was gay, just like him. In his quest for proof, we take a road trip to the nation’s capital and encounter budding high-school romance, Ellen DeGeneres, a quadrille-crazy Mary Todd and sex in a mattress store. Discover the truth lurking just beneath the stovepipe hat in this clever, time-jumping play about history, family and the importance of heroes.
Eat the Poor, Strip the Rich Jun 5 - Jun 26, 2015  
Under The Gun Theater Eat the Poor, Strip the Rich
Exploring the fears and frustrations faced by a shrinking and put-upon middle class, Eat the Poor, Strip the Rich presents two concise, dark, fun and strange pieces of satire. In Out at Sea, three survivors of a shipwreck decide amongst themselves who should become the first meal. Think of it as Survivor ... hosted by a starving and particularly ornery Anthony Bourdain. Striptease finds two middle managers locked in a battle for control against a mysterious online force -- a satirical work akin to Office Space, as penned by the founders of Facebook. This Under the Gun Theater production explores the hidden links between culture and power, with a keen eye on comedy.
Camping: The Musical! Jun 5 - Jun 26, 2015  
Nealshow Productions at Gorilla Tango Theatre Camping: The Musical!
Since his sons left home to become men, Dad has been spending his days just trying to keep mice out of his apartment. When the rodent infestation seems to be under control, he reminisces about the great times he had with his sons when they were younger and spent many a long holiday weekend camping. Well, it's Christmastime, and Dad's sons are coming home! Camping: The Musical! is a charming, gag-a-minute, song-filled salute to the magic of a father and son camping trip.
Malice Buyers Club: When Villains Win Jun 5 - Jun 26, 2015  
The Public House Theatre Malice Buyers Club: When Villains Win
From King David to Daredevil, we love our heroes and their promises of justice. But in reality, we know the sad truth: Too often, the bad guy gets away with it. Malice Buyers Club: When Villains Win explores the lives of people who make the world worse and still come out on top. From bank robbers and corrupt CEOs to emotionally unavailable boyfriends and murderers with the best of intentions, this show asks the eternal question: In a world where one man's drug deal might pay off another man's crippling debt, what does it mean to be a villain? Can a villain be a hero simultaneously? And if you've ever wondered if you just might be the one who has completely ruined someone's life, you are invited to join the Malice Buyers Club.
My Girlfriend is the Devil! Jun 5 - Jul 11, 2015  
Cornservatory My Girlfriend is the Devil!
Michael heard dating could be hellish, but nothing prepared him for this. In My Girlfriend is the Devil!, Michael, a 25-year-old virgin, falls hard for his new girlfriend Tina. But it's only after Tina unexpectedly moves in with him and his improv-team roommates that their relationship starts to go south -- really far south. When a seance party inadvertently opens a portal to Hell and Beelzebub is set free, Michael and the gang must battle not only Evil Incarnate but also their own personal demons. Featuring dynamic fight sequences, original scoring, and the Dark Princess Herself, My Girlfriend Is the Devil!. takes rom-coms, sitcoms and old-school demonology and fuses them into a comedy like no other. Now Corn Productions presents their newest original production at The Cornservatory.
The Winter's Tale Jun 5 - Jun 21, 2015  
Fury Theatre at Indian Boundary Park The Winter's Tale
"Exit pursued by a bear" goes the Bard's most famous stage direction in this romance directed by Fury Artistic Director Mark Dodge*. Two kings, inseparable since childhood are torn asunder over jealousy of the beautiful Queen of Sicilia, Hermione. Tragedy marks the first part of Shakespeare's later Romance as all the king's men try to mend this tragic rift yet it'll take a ragtag family of shepherds and one conniving con-man to right this wrong. Join us as we blend Fury's unique style of theatre with song, dance, and plenty of laugh out loud moments! And a bear! Did we mention the bear?
Liberty City Jun 5 - Jul 12, 2015  
eta Creative Arts Foundation Liberty City
The compelling one-woman play tells a story of Miami in the 1980s - where race, politics and police brutality spark a community on edge and ignite a city-wide riot that a 10 year-old girl must navigate to get her young brother safely home. Everything her 60s revolutionary parents taught her about being black, invisible and strategic just might save them both. Liberty City foreshadows the current confrontations experienced in African American communities today.

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