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The Boy From Oz Aug 5 - Aug 30, 2015  
Pride Films and Plays at Stage 773 The Boy From Oz
The Broadway musical tells the amazing life story of celebrated songwriter and performer Peter Allen. Featuring songs by Peter Allen, book by Martin Sherman and Nick Enright, Direction by David Zak, and Musical Direction by Robert Ollis, The Boy From Oz tells the exuberant yet heart-warming true story of a young Australian boy who loved to perform and ended up in the glamorous orbit of Judy Garland and her soon-to-be famous daughter Liza.
Cirque du Soleil - Kurios Aug 6 - Aug 30, 2015  
United Center Cirque du Soleil - Kurios
What if, by engaging your imagination and opening your mind, you could alter reality and unlock the door to a world of wonders? Welcome to the realm of KURIOS -- Cabinet of Curiosities from Cirque du Soleil. Step into the curio cabinet of an ambitious inventor who defies the laws of time, space and dimension in order to reinvent everything around him. Suddenly, the visible becomes invisible, perspectives are transformed, and the world is literally turned upside down in a place that's as beautiful as it is mysterious. Stunning acrobatics blend with unusual curiosity acts, and otherworldly characters spring to life before your eyes. Is this magical, mechanical land real, or just a figment of your imagination? You have to see it to disbelieve it. This pre-sale offer for Cirque du Soleil's KURIOS -- Cabinet of Curiosities in the Grand Chapiteau at Chicago's United Center gets you great tickets before they go on sale to the general public.
Zelda at the Oasis Aug 6 - Aug 23, 2015  
Genesis Theatrical Productions at Raven Theatre Zelda at the Oasis
Behind every great man is a great woman -- the saying holds true for Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, wife of The Great Gatsby author F. Scott Fitzgerald. However, Zelda at the Oasis paints a dark portrait behind the famous literary couple. While living under the shadow of her husband's success, the play reveals the struggles of an emotionally and mentally unstable woman trying to reclaim herself as an artist. Chicago's Genesis Theatrical Productions transports you back into the dark corners of the Oasis -- the New York City bar which Fitzgerald adopts as her solitary abode -- to explore the equally dark corners of a damaged woman who desperately seeks to find some light through the cracks of her life.
Carrie the Musical Aug 6 - Aug 9, 2015  
Stage Door Fine Arts at Stage 773 Carrie the Musical
Blood will flow once again during Carrie the Musical, a staged retelling of Stephen King's best-selling novel. A legendary Broadway flop when first produced in 1988, the show was rebuilt from the ground up for a hit off-Broadway production, and now comes to Chicago's Stage 773. You know the story: Outcast Carrie White is bullied by the popular kids and tormented by her overprotective mother, only to discover she has a special power and she's not afraid to use it. Experience this powerful work in a brand-new way with this evocative musical production.
The Judas Kiss Aug 6 - Aug 8, 2015  
Dead Writers Theatre Collective at Stage 773 The Judas Kiss
With Oscar Wilde facing trial on indecency charges in 1895, all of London has the salacious taste of scandal on its lips. Though he could have fled, Wilde's equally scandalous lover, Lord Alfred Douglas, persuades him to stay. After two years in prison, Wilde emerges, broken but determined to reunite with his libertine lover. The Judas Kiss is an exploration of betrayal at the hands of those we trust with our hearts and secrets. It asks whether new beginnings are possible -- even at the end. See this fully staged and costumed Dead Writers Theatre Collective production at Stage 773 in Chicago.
Bleacher Bums Aug 6 - Sep 13, 2015  
Oil Lamp Theater Bleacher Bums
In the bleachers at Chicago's Wrigley Field, a mixed bag of die-hard Cubs fans are watching the game. While they're rooting for their team, you'll be watching them, because the action in the stands is more interesting than the action on the field in Bleacher Bums. The group includes a rabid cheerleader, a blind man who follows the game by transistor radio and does his own play by play, a bathing beauty, a nerd and various other bleacher denizens. As the game proceeds, they place bets on every conceivable event, go out for frosty malts or beers, try to pick up the bathing beauty and -- occasionally -- watch the game. The villainous Marvin, who always bets against the Cubs, waits for the inevitable ninth-inning flop. Will he clean up again, or will the Cubs triumph this time? Win or lose, the bleacher bums remain undaunted in this Oil Lamp Theater production.
It Came from Kentucky Aug 7 - Oct 10, 2015  
Annoyance Theatre It Came from Kentucky
"It Came from Kentucky" is an original musical inspired by actual events set in 1955 Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Billie Ray Taylor is visiting her Aunt and Uncle Sutton on break from college. But she's not the only visitor. When Billie Ray and her cousin, Kaci Lynn, spot a UFO the question becomes, "Where did these strange visitors come from, and what do they want?"
The Anton Chekhov Book Club Aug 7 - Sep 25, 2015  
Moving Dock Theatre at Stage 773 The Anton Chekhov Book Club
Enter the world of this unusual book club where the members, brought together by their love for the literary giant, Anton Chekhov, lose themselves - and find themselves - in the pages of his timeless short stories.
Mansical Aug 7 - Aug 28, 2015  
Under The Gun Theater Mansical
MANSICAL is long form music improv comedy. Based on a single audience suggestion, seven veteran music improvisers weave together a tapestry of scenes and songs utilizing hyper-­agreement, free play, outstanding musicality and wigs as its only constructs. This improvised form is not a beginning-­middle-­end musical but a free form MAN tage based on the audience suggestion.
Ready for Hillary: The Musical Aug 7 - Aug 29, 2015  
The Public House Theatre Ready for Hillary: The Musical
It's the night before the 2016 Presidential Election, and all through the House, candidates are stirring. To put off the anxiety, Ted Cruz is hosting a friendly, bipartisan barbecue, with Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren around the grill. As the votes are tallied, each candidate reveals a new side, from Christie's unorthodox love interest to Cruz's own plan to get himself into the White House.
Stolen House Aug 7 - Aug 10, 2015  
Victory Gardens Theater - Biograph Stolen House
Stolen House is possibly the greatest play that has yet to be written. It's a comedy (except when it's a drama) and it's thrilling (except when it's farcical). For Stolen House is the name of the fully realized, improvised play that six legendary improv comedians create every time they take the stage at Chicago's Victory Gardens Theater. Identical to a traditional play in appearance and ambition, the performers of Stolen House create a dynamic, powerful, grounded, funny, and wholly improvised piece, using only the theater's existing stage, set and lighting. Be there when David Pasquesi (TJ & Dave), Scott Adsit (30 Rock), Stephnie Weir (MADtv), TJ Jagodowski (TJ & Dave), John Lutz (30 Rock) and Bob Dassie (Dasariski) commit themselves to this high-wire act that will enthrall lovers of theater and comedy alike.
Patchwork Drifter Aug 8 - Sep 19, 2015  
Babes With Blades at City Lit Theater Patchwork Drifter
California-bound and down on her luck, Emmy Fox finds refuge working for shopkeeper Harriet Cooper and her two daughters. But they soon discover that the past can follow you over miles and years, and secrets can be as dangerous as any hazard of the Wyoming frontier.
Art Aug 8 - Aug 29, 2015  
Amazing Sammo Productions at Gorilla Tango Theatre Art
The story of three friends, one of whom purchases a very expensive painting of an all-white canvas with three white diagonal lines. Theory and personal feelings are brought into question as their friendships are pushed to the breaking point. But is it art?
Bunker Buddies Aug 8 - Aug 29, 2015  
The Public House Theatre Bunker Buddies
In the not-too-distant future, the Arion Virus has destroyed civilization as we know it. Two men are left behind, and seal themselves together in a bunker, depending on each other's company to maintain their sanity. Their days consist of learning every Billy Joel lyric ever and mindless games to fill the time as they edge towards the brink of non-existence. They are alone together- alone, that is, until Samantha arrives.
The Dueling Gentlemen Aug 9 - Sep 20, 2015  
Silent Theatre Company at Athenaeum Theatre The Dueling Gentlemen
The Dueling Gentlemen is a love letter to old vaudeville. Performed entirely in silence a la pre-talkie era and accompanied by live original piano composition, the story follows two vaudeville performers whose friendship begins to deconstruct during their long time running successful act. Issues of insecurities and lack of communication, alcoholism and professionalism, betrayal and sinister plots all play factors on and off stage as their act "The Ugly Blonde" takes an even uglier turn.
The History Of Alcohol In Chicago: A Drinker's Guide Aug 9 - Sep 27, 2015  
The Public House Theatre The History Of Alcohol In Chicago: A Drinker's Guide
Chicago's eventful history and cast of famous citizens come alive in this comedic sketch revue that combines historically-motivated scenes with interactive games, trivia and classic cocktails. Audiences will be entertained and educated by the likes of Al Capone, Moonshine Mary Wazeniak, John Siebel, Johnny Torrio and others while enjoying period-appropriate cocktails and music in The History of Alcohol in Chicago: A Drinker's Guide.
Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight: A Comedy in Three Beds Aug 12 - Oct 4, 2015  
Windy City Playhouse Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight: A Comedy in Three Beds
It's three a.m. in New York City. Grad student Ben (Peter Meadows) and girlfriend Nancy (Emily Tate) are having passionate, unbridled sofabed sex until Nancy's bizarre dirty talk leads to a mood-killing argument. Nancy leaves the apartment to seek council from her best friend Grace (Patrese McClain) who's having a hard time seducing her rough-hewn new boyfriend Gene (Shane Kenyon). They call Grace's therapist Mark (Chris Sheard) - who has company of his own (Robert Spencer) - in order to get his perspective. In a Love Actually meets La Ronde series of revelations and connections - romantic and otherwise - Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight delves into the truths that sex really exposes.

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