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Unspeakable Oct 6 - Nov 8, 2015  
Broadway Playhouse Unspeakable
Sex, Drugs and Comedy. Unspeakable is an unflinching ride through the emotional landscape of Richard Pryor spanning sixty-one years and focused on the period between 1967 and 1982. Born and raised in a Peoria brothel owned and operated by his grandmother, Pryor faced situations that forever shaped and scarred his sensitive soul. With a pimp for a father and his mother a whore, young Pryor's imagination allowed him to escape and ultimately led him to comedy. Unspeakable captures the energy of a man battling success and the demons it invites.
No Beast So Fierce Oct 6 - Nov 8, 2015  
Oracle Productions at Storefront Theater No Beast So Fierce
A 90 minute adaptation of Shakespeare's Richard III in which the titular character is a woman fighting for power in a male-dominated arena.
Treasure Island Oct 7 - Jan 31, 2016  
Lookingglass Theatre Treasure Island
Adventure beckons when a mysterious blind man delivers a dreaded Black Spot to an aging sea captain, plunging an innkeeper's son into a desperate race for buried treasure armed with only his wits against a dastardly crew of cutthroat pirates.
My Brilliant Divorce Oct 7 - Nov 1, 2015  
Irish Theatre of Chicago at Chief O'Neill's My Brilliant Divorce
The hilarious and moving story of Angela, recently deserted by her husband for a younger woman, as she sets out to survive and enjoy a life on her own. In a world of surly solicitors, "Lonely Hearts" dates, help line counselors and a myriad of self-diagnosed diseases, does Angela fight to keep her husband... or just move on? A Midwest premiere by one of Ireland's leading female playwrights.
Esperanza Rising Oct 8 - Nov 14, 2015  
Theatre School at DePaul University at Merle Reskin Theatre Esperanza Rising
A young Mexican girl must flee across the border when her wealthy father is killed by bandits in the poignant drama Esperanza Rising. Taking root in California, Esperanza's previous life of fancy dresses, pretty dolls and birthday parties dissolves into the tough, daily struggle of the migrant worker. But the steely Esperanza learns to adapt in the face of hardship, finding strength and confidence in her work as a baby sitter, and a fresh resolve to take better care of herself and her family. This stirring production by the Theatre School of DePaul University will inspire parents and children alike.
Nightmares on Lincoln Ave Se7en: I SAW What You Did Last Summer Oct 9 - Oct 31, 2015  
Cornservatory Nightmares on Lincoln Ave Se7en: I SAW What You Did Last Summer
In this hilarious and creepy incarnation, five eccentric strangers with a common secret awaken in an unknown warehouse and must work together to escape before time runs out. Little do they know they're at the mercy of Jean Wilder, a villain who fancies himself after Willy Wonka, who has ensnared them to choose one as a sacrifice to save the world from impending doom. With elements of such horror classics as "Saw," "I Know What You Did Last Summer," "Se7en," and "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," this clever, hysterical, frightening, and thought-provoking romp nods at horror clichés before throwing them out the window. And of course we are BYOB…as always.
LAWD the CVS is Burning Oct 9 - Nov 22, 2015  
MPAACT at The Greenhouse Theater Center LAWD the CVS is Burning
LAWD the CVS is Burning is a politically incorrect observation of mainstream media's focus during the recent moments of civil unrest in our nation and how that focus can influence how we decided which lives matter.
All Girl Dracula Oct 10 - Nov 21, 2015  
Chicago Mammals at Zoo Studio All Girl Dracula
Mina Murray is caught between a Carnivorous Ancient Evil and an Uncompromising Sadistic Zealot. Both Dracula and Van Helsing yearn for violence, even if their appetites are spurned by opposing goals. How will Mina Murray survive? As she tries to protect the people she loves, will she be forced to decide which of these powerful villains is the lesser of two evils?
Circus in Progress: An Evening of Daring New Work Oct 10  
The Actors Gymnasium at Noyes Cultural Art Center Circus in Progress: An Evening of Daring New Work
Get a sneak peek at some of Chicago's most exciting new works of circus art! This latest installation of our performance series focuses on the development of new acts. Professionals from the Chicagoland circus community are featured as well as advanced students from the Actors Gymnasium's own classes, directed by Dean Evans. Two Performances only! Circus in Progress shows always sell out, so be sure to book your seats in advance!
Zombie Seinfeld Oct 10 - Oct 31, 2015  
Gorilla Tango Theatre Zombie Seinfeld
Manhattan is overrun with a zombie apocalypse and the cast from television's 'Seinfeld' is right in the middle of it! Is Jerry's girlfriend stringing him along, or does she really possess an anti-zombie vaccine? Will George successfully trick Mr. Steinbrenner into thinking he's a zombie, just to gain access to the executive washroom? Why is Kramer acting like a father from a 1950s television sitcom? Will Elaine learn the truth about David Puddy - whose either turning into a zombie or just incredibly, incredibly dense? One thing's for sure - this hilarious parody is hardly a 'show about nothing'!
Safe in My Own Head Oct 11 - Oct 18, 2015  
Organic Theater Company Safe in My Own Head
Growing up is tough for anyone -- especially if you are an immature man-boy who finds himself poorly equipped for the real world. When the stresses of adult life prove to be too much for this hopeless narrator, he turns to his one and only friend -- his reliably unreliable brain. Together they find that growing up can't be too bad when you have song, dance and candy to guide you through it all. Featuring an electric musical score by Brendan Duffy, Safe in My Own Head explores the hilarities of adulthood as this thought-provoking comedy heads to MCL Chicago.
Charm Oct 14 - Nov 8, 2015  
Northlight Theatre at Steppenwolf Theatre Charm
Charm depicts the colorful inner workings of an etiquette class taught by Mama Darleena Andrews, an African-American transgender woman, in an LGBTQ organization known as The Center. Mama attempts to share her rules of proper behavior with a youth group ranging in sexuality, race and gender identity from a Latina transwoman to a cisgendered straight black couple to a gay suburban teen. Though her students initially struggle to see how etiquette relates to their daily battles with identity, poverty and prejudice, Mama's powerful love and unapologetic attitude eventually win them over.
Sylvia Oct 14 - Oct 25, 2015  
The Joffrey Ballet at Auditorium Theatre Sylvia
Joffrey Ballet's 60th anniversary season continues with the U.S. premiere of the fierce, female-powered ballet Sylvia. With its story of unrequited love and deception set to brilliant choreography by John Neumeier and music by Leo Delibes, Sylvia is a visually stunning and emotionally resonant work that uses movement to explore themes of ambition, obsession and lost opportunities. Neumeier was the first choreographer to modernize the work, incorporating neoclassical expressionist movement and an abstract narrative to reimagine this full-length story ballet about a young woman at the crossroads of adolescence and womanhood, struggling to find balance between strength and vulnerability -- and discovering love only through the awakening of her own sensuality.
Sudden Vanishings: A Night of One Acts Oct 14  
Cave Painting Theater Company at The Den Theatre Sudden Vanishings: A Night of One Acts
Cave Painting Theater Company is excited to present a night of brand new, original one acts. We called for female playwrights, and boy, did they answer! Featuring three one acts by Lauren Davenport, Shannon Singley and Molly Harris.
The Beecher Sisters Oct 15 - Nov 1, 2015  
Awkward Pause at RBP Rorschack The Beecher Sisters
In Ellie Reed's drama, THE BEECHER SISTERS, a young documentary filmmaker investigates the unsolved disappearance of thirteen-year-old Madeleine Beecher, who went missing from the town's local park five years prior. THE BEECHER SISTERS marks Awkward Pause's pilot venture into producing new works.
Knocking Up the Mob Oct 15 - Nov 8, 2015  
The Greenhouse Theater Center Knocking Up the Mob
After a drunken night at a high-school reunion, Joshua, who's gay, somehow ends up impregnating mafia princess Angelina, who's not -- which leads to all kinds of comical coverups, in Knocking Up the Mob. The duo decides on a sham marriage, but Joshua's more likely to sing soprano than pass as an acceptable member of a mob family. So to keep from having to wear some very unfashionable cement shoes, he hires a "straight" coach, in a plan to convince the bride's mob boss dad that he's just one of the guys. This new comedy, written and directed by Rick Watkins, premieres at Chicago's Greenhouse Theater Center.
The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls Oct 15 - Nov 21, 2015  
Trap Door Theatre The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls
When Annie is sent to Russia to be immersed into her native language and culture, she finds herself thrust into an enchanting post-Soviet world filled with new friends still fighting the witches, bears and evil stepmothers that haunted all of our childhoods. Set in a deceitfully glamorous post-Soviet Russia, Annie and her new friends must fight the villains of common folklore in a world where things might not end up happily ever after.

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